Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday snippets

I have been looking for crutches for the pending arthroscopy (8 sleeps and counting) and so went to the chemist at the Mall on Saturday to enquire about hiring a pair.

"We don't hire crutches - we sell them" replied the bright young assistant when I enquired.

"Why on earth would I want to buy crutches?" I asked, bemused.

The look she gave me suggested I must've suddenly grown two heads. "They're useful items to own" was her response. "...and anyway," she continued, "after about 6 weeks its cheaper to buy them than hire them".

I could've said that I hadn't planned on using them for 6 weeks but I realised it was futile to continue the conversation so I left, pondering the usefulness of crutches. To think I have managed 48 years without a pair of crutches - what have I missed?!

Today we went to another chemist, in Florey, where I could hire crutches for as long or as little as I wanted, at minimal cost. So now these 'useful' items are propped up against the bedroom wall for the trip to Melbourne next weekend.

Useful things to do with crutches

#1: Stool made from bike parts and crutches

Take a few metal crutches, a couple of bicycle wheels and inner tubes, and a few bolts along with some insulation and a piece of plywood and you have the makings for a stool. An adjustable height stool. (Acknowledgments to Ryan McFarland -
Do real men eat tofu?

In our house, certain people (of the male species) turn up their nose at tofu - they consider it the domain of tree loving, sandal wearing, hippy types who listen to Enya and whale music whereas they (apparently 'real men') eat meat - the beefier the better. So should I tell Mr CJ that the dessert he enjoyed last night was Tofu Chocolate Mousse? Nah, what he doesn't know won't hurt him!
Synch or sing.........

A fan who has tickets to Britney's Sydney concert prefers the lip synching: "I'd probably be disappointed if she was singing because I know she doesn't have a great voice," she said. "So, I'd rather that she didn't sing." Come again?


strewth said...

LOL - that stool looks cool! How crazy that they tried to sell you crutches - makes a good story though. Not long now. We have a lot to catch up on Thursday - we better plan a loooooong brekkie!

Ewen said...

Nah, tell him!

You could use the crutches to prop yourself up at the bar. Or to get in the disabled section at Britney's concert.

Ryan McFarland said...

Thanks for the acknowledgment and props!

Two Fruits said...

Nothing wrong with loving trees and Enya music. Don't forget the crutches are made out of wood.
I like Britney, poor misunderstood rich girl. She can't sing, but she looks good. Wonder if she can run ?

Anonymous said...

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