Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby steps

It's been a week today since the arthroscopic procedure in my left hip where the surgeon did a labral repair. I'm moving ok and only require crutches for longer distances such as shopping at the Mall. And even then I'm hoping to give crutches the boot - bloody uncomfortable things they are. About the only benefit is the attention you get as you try to manoeuvre around the shops, as Strewth can attest to!

Anyway this morning I sat and pedalled slowly on my (stationary) bike for 10 mins. Zero resistance I might add but hey it's progress! I have to confess my bike looks very neglected - dusty, cobwebby and just plain unloved. It's been longer than I care to admit since I've ridden my bike. So I plan to build on my cycling and eventually also get mobile, as in cycling on cycle paths.

Tomorrow week I have an appointment with the surgeon in Melbourne. This is 'crunch time' - when he shows me evidence of damage and his prognosis. He did comment last week that maybe I should pursue a new fitness a cyclist. Was he joking? I'll find out next week.


strewth said...

I think I should take you for coffee again - all that attention wasn't just cos of your crutches - the dress had something to do with it I'm sure!! :) Well done on getting on your bike. You are one determined young lady1

Two Fruits said...

I can't imagine you in a dress, so I trust Strewth's opinion on fashion. As Ewen would say, where's the photo. You always look good in running gear, must be all that gym work. Keep the chocolate intake under control. Keep the recovery going, we miss you out on the trails.

Ewen said...

While we were having coffee Sunday morning, Ruth said "that lady looks just like CJ did at the Belconnen Mall."

IHateToast said...

did you and strewth get gussied up in pink, go to the shopping centre, and flirt with the young bucks? shameless.