Sunday, March 08, 2009

Those lazy hazy days of....autumn

This morning I had plans of watching some of the Weston Creek half marathon - instead I slept in. By the time I woke up and had my first green tea for the day, the run was almost over. So instead I met up afterwards with Strewth, Ewen, Carol, Bruce, Rochelle, and Lulu and Steve (who were down from Sydney) at Tilleys - first for coffee, and then for lunch. In fact, by the time we left , 4 hours had passed but it was a perfect day for just sitting around with friends, watching the world go by.

Yesterday I ran my last long run before SFT - 16km, close to home. Tapering is a funny thing - I like that I don't have to get up ultra-early during the week to get 20k in before work, but on the other hand, as the running distances/times decrease, sometimes the anxiety factor increases. Have I done enough? Am I losing fitness? What if.....? It becomes psychological rather than physical at this stage in the training - rest, recover, and focus on the event ahead.

And if you know of anyone who is looking to improve their fitness but are not sure how to go about it - I can offer a fitness assessment, personalised fitness program plus support and instruction over several gym visits to go through the program. Its part of my gym instruction assessment for Certificate 3 in Fitness, which I need to complete by July. I need clients!
"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable."
- Christopher Reeve


strewth said...

Hey - what a great way to spend a sunny Sunday - great company, excellent coffee and general RELAXATION (remember that conversation - I'm learning)!!

speedygeoff said...

I will give a plug (on my blog) to your fitness assessment invitation if you like.

Jen_runs said...

Don't you just love the last minute pre-race doubts (not)!

Enjoy your taper and best of luck for Saturday. I'll be up at the start and finish so I hope to catch up with you then!

Ewen said...

Yes, you were looking in need of a fitness assessment yourself such was obvious decline due to the taper ;)

That's why I'm an advocate of the non-taper. I hope to run 100k this week!

Two Fruits said...

Do an assessment on me, then you can be chief pilot of the SFT plan for next year. No credibility if I have a squad of failures this year. I had better go to the gym first for a couple of weeks in case you kill me, again !
Tapering is no fun, you just miss out on good running days. Ewen has the right idea. Then recovery is not good either, more no running days.