Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Never say never

CM minus 33

Amazing what a difference a few days can make. I do vividly recall saying to myself several times on Saturday that I would never do SFT again....never. Three days later and I've reconsidered that decision. Why? I hate being beaten and this year SFT beat me - badly. Its not about the time but how I felt - this year I felt 100 times worse than when I did it 2 years ago, and I don't like that. So its back to the drawing board and I'll try again next year.

Today I returned to work. I wasn't off to a great start - first of all sleeping in, missing the bus and then being late to a meeting. I also grabbed a coffee on the way to work which is a habit I have got out of this year, for the better. Now my first (and sometimes only) coffee is at lunchtime.....usually. Today was an exception and I won't make it a habit.

Hydration is ok - I'm drinking plenty of water and also supplemented by several cups of green tea.

Healthy meals - also on track. Though tomorrow I think there is an afternoon tea at work; you know, cakes, biscuits, chips, dips. Hopefully its mostly food I can't eat! I will be taking my own snack just in case.

Exercise - as well as walking to and from bus stops and incidental walking at work and to the Canberra Centre at lunchtime, I also went for an hours walk after work. Not quite a spring in my step yet but a vast improvement on yesterday. No running yet - quads are still sore.

Energy levels - still tired. Wagged class tonight - just the thought of sitting in class was enough to make me tired!

I have been reading over my recovery from SFT 2 years ago - that time there was no running the first week, three runs the following week and then I came down with a lurgy the following week. Lets see if I can avoid the lurgy this time! Tiredness was also an issue that time and it took me a couple of weeks to regain my energy levels.
"If all you see in the road ahead are obstacles,
you are on a path to hardship.
If however you view them as opportunities,
you are on the highway to success."
- Gary Gentilini


strewth said...

Not surprised you're still tired after that little run you did in the weekend!! However, every day you seem to be recovering a little more so it all sounds positive - yay! Looking forward to brekkie Thursday and hearing all the details!

Ewen said...

You're doing the right thing to be careful. A couple of easy weeks will pay off in Canberra.

My quads are still sore. 6' is a mean course - if you find out what it takes to beat it, let me know.

Two Fruits said...

No good asking if you are right for 25 kms this Saturday, looks like I do it on my own. I've only got 8 weeks before GH80 in May. Superwoman may be right, or Carol for this weekend.

Luckylegs said...

Just reading about SFT makes me tired, CJ! Recover first; run second!

Lulu said...

I hope you manage to avoid the lurgy too.. lots of looking after yourself required and don't rush back to running too soon if you're still feeling tired.