Sunday, March 22, 2009

CM minus 28

8 days ago I ran/walked SFT.
7 days ago I was feeling tired, sore and sorry for myself.
Today I went for my first run post-SFT.

It was nothing startling - 13km, average of 5.30min/km pace. There is some tightness in my hamstrings which I will have to work on. I have a massage booked for the end of the week. In the meantime its stretching, stretching, stretching.

However the fact that I could run today when a week ago my quads were sore and getting sorer and I was feeling physically and emotionally tired just proves to me how resilient how our bodies can be - no matter the challenge or the work we put them through, if they are looked after properly, we bounce back fairly quickly (admittedly age means that it does take a little longer than when I was younger). I'm not out to prove how great an athlete I am / might be / could be, or to be aspire to be the best in my age group - I just want to challenge myself, enjoy the experiences and recover to do it all again another day.

I've entered Canberra marathon.
Now here's to a week of slowly building up my running again.

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"
- Dr. Robert Schuller


strewth said...

Yay - go CJ - looking good!

Ewen said...

Two weeks to build up, then the taper! Woohoo!

Lulu said...

Sounds like a great approach to me! I'm sure you'll be bounding along again in no time.

iliketoast said...

Taper in reverse, run backwards, spin your records in the other direction to reveal the hidden message and I'll see you on the start line in Telopia

softshoeshuffle said...

CJ, are you ever going to update your blog?