Monday, March 16, 2009

CM minus 34

First, thank you everyone for your comments - they are all gratefully accepted. And, well done to all the others who did SFT - twofruits (11 and still going), Ewen, softshoeshuffle, John, Roger, Carol (who never ceases to amaze me), Cathy, Mick, Nick and Elle.

Day 2 recovery is coming along slowly.

speedygeoff, you will be pleased to know, I am walking. I went for an hour walk this afternoon - let me just say that every little incline and decline was felt! Going down the steps at home (I can't avoid them) requires patience and concentration. Sitting down and getting up - now there's a challenge.

Hydration - today, I have made sure I am drinking lots of water though this means more trips to the loo, more sitting down, getting get the picture.

Stretching - hah! Whoever recommended flexibility post-marathon has a warped sense of humor. I can barely reach my toes at the moment let alone try a quad stretch. The best I can do for now is something called 'legs up the wall' - a yoga pose known as Viparita Karani. The benefits of this pose:
Relieves tired or cramped legs and feet
Gently stretches the hamstrings, front torso, and the back of the neck
Relieves mild backache
Calms the mind

Diet - No more pizza and chocolate. Today it was back to healthy eating and a focus on carbohydrates (to rebuild glycogen stores) and protein (repair muscle). Still dodgy digestive system but it is getting better.

Obviously some people take longer to recover than others - I'm one of those people. However, no stress - the main thing at this stage is to recover, relax and rebuild.

34 days to go.
"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." - Thomas Edison


strewth said...

Yay - that's sounding very postive - 34 days and counting!!

Lulu said...

34 days is a long time for a well trained runner like you! You'll be bouncing along again in no time :)

At least it took a bit longer for you to swear that you won't be doing SFT again; not on the first descent! I'm glad you didn't damage yourself too badly on the fall.

Sorry we won't be down for running but I do have to come down for work so all is not lost! Perhaps you'd like to add the GC marathon to your list of races;)

Clairie said...

What a great run CJ!!!!

BTW after reading your blog I am NEVER running six foot ha!! It sounds horrid.

Ewen said...

34 days is plenty. You'll be running again in a week :)

My quads are getting worse with each passing day. Must do some downhill training next time!

Two Fruits said...

Recovery requires movement, hydration, energy and cold water. Refer email you will receive soon.
Roger says you can have 4 days of eating anything before being good again.