Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mt Taylor x 2

Distance – 24km
Time – 2hr 34.10min
Av pace – 6.25min
AHR – 150; MHR – 177
Mt Taylor – 855m (and I felt every bit of that!)`
Started with: Cuz I can – Pink
Finished with: Here comes another one – SGT (again)

I must be mad, stark raving mad (no comments please) but anyway I decided that because I was skipping the Mt Tennant walk on Saturday (after reading the write up on it there is no way I would’ve been able to run any of it!) I would instead run Mt Taylor twice.

It was very overcast and humid and it briefly looked like it might rain as I started my run from the gym. I stopped off at Woden Plaza for a toilet stop and got some very strange looks from the early risers who were out for breakfast. Somewhere between there and the top of Mt Taylor I lost one of my small drink bottles, something I discovered after stopping to talk to Charmaine who had come flying down as I was struggling up! This didn’t bode well at all as I had finished one of my drink bottles at the 7km mark and only had 2 left for the remaining 17km.

I passed a few more runners as I descend on the other side – one being Tuggeranong Don, who did not recognise me. I think he was focussed on getting up the hill! Then I followed the vets Mt Taylor course around to the other side (this is quite undulating) and then headed up Mt Taylor again, before down the other side, another lap of the vets course and then across to Oakey Hill nature park (BBQ Stakes course) and finally back to the gym. I had also managed to make my water last for the duration of the run.

Despite wanting to have a nap badly in the afternoon I was busy xmas shopping and baking. I made World Peace cookies (they’re meant to be that good) – basically a very chocolatey cookie filled with dark choc bits (looks ugly but if you love chocolate then looks don’t matter!), and Hummingbird cupcakes (banana, crushed pineapple and pecan mixture topped with cream cheese frosting). These were for afternoon tea on Sunday – they went down a treat!

Today’s run
Distance – 12km
Time – 67.50min
Av pace – 5.39min/km
AHR – 139; MHR – 164
Started with: Vertigo – U2
Finished with: Plastic loveless letter – Magic Dirt

I hate Mondays! It seems like I get back on that treadmill and start all over again for another week. I need a holiday and I need it now! Ok, rant over – I was up at 5am and out the door half an hour later, not nearly fortified enough on back coffee. It was a drudge today – just one foot in front of the other until thankfully I could finally stop and have breakfast. I think I’m like this because my weekend was pretty full on with early starts both days and now I’m tired.

Tomorrow: back to the gym

I was bored..........

You are a Buff Girl!
You've got a boomin' body and a fearless spirit. Most guys have trouble keeping up with your energy and fitness level. Competitive and fun loving, you're up for almost anything. Make sure you pick a guy who doesn't mind getting beaten by a girl!


2P said...

A big one :-)

Geez CJ every time I think I'm getting on top of my training I come here and find out how far behind the eight ball I am!

Nice work mate ;-)

Tesso said...

Sheee's back :-)

Tuggeranong Don said...

Great to see you back CJ and I am extremely embarrassed to admit that I did not recognise you at Mt Taylor. That's an unforgiveable sin on my part.

I was coming to the end of my 19k effort on Saturday and feeling worse for wear - as my latest blog entry shows. That's no excuse of course and the fact that I did miss you means that I should stop thinking of myself and focus more on the externals. I do remember passing others at Mt Taylor but had no idea you were there too.

Jen_runs said...

I feel tired just reading your blog CJ. You are going to nail Six Foot - I can't wait to watch you do it!

Ewen said...

That Tuggeranong Don is so rude! ;)

Great run CJ - I think you're almost ready to hang with Steve and John.

Hilda said...

If you say that, what can we say? Just awesome.

Black Knight said...

What kind of girl am I? This is the first time I received such question.
Welcome back!

Clairie said...

I tried to see what kind of girl I am but it wouldn't go anywhere?

Anyhow I just have to go and get a napkin, I am salivating at all the humming cakes and bikkies you are describing. Yummo!!!

Good to see you training hard and despite it tiring you out, even a reader of your blog can see how you are improving and coping with more training/harder training. Well done.