Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It doesn’t get any easier

I’m not sure why I think it will get easier to run up Mt Taylor – maybe its because I run the godforsaken hill every week so I think I must eventually get used to it. However, it’s still just as steep and unforgiving in parts and I find myself slowing down to a walking pace and wondering out loud why I’m even doing this at 6am!

Distance – 15.9km
Time – 1hr 39.57min
Av pace - 6.16min/km
AHR – 151; MHR – 180
Started with: Joey- Concrete Blonde
Finished with: Girls just wanna have fun (methinks it’s my ipod’s little joke)

The run up Mt Taylor was then followed by a run down the other side, after a brief stop at the top to enjoy the view, have some water and wait for my calves to stop screaming. There was quite a bit of traffic both up and down the hill – everyone else was walking, which was very wise I thought. I would get these sympathetic looks from the walkers – particularly if I was heading up as they were walking down, looking as cool as a cucumber whereas I was red faced, hot and perspiring! Once down the other side I followed the vets run route which had been graded since I last ran there on Saturday – in parts it was quite heavy going as the dirt had been stirred up.

On the Oakey hill part of the run I turned my ankle ever so quickly – fortunately it wasn’t too bad and I could keep running. I’m not sure what had happened but the surface was firm and even so I can’t blame it on that. I was very conscious of my footing after that however.

Finally I was back at the gym ready for a shower and something to eat before heading off to work.

This afternoon I have yoga.

(am) 12km run


Tesso said...

Ooooh, all these Mt Taylor stories :-) Now I have not choice but to include it in my run when I'm down there the weekend after next!

Anonymous said...

Well done - what a run! You are really back into it. I am sooooo looking forward to that food at brekkie tomorrow! Bad girl for missing yoga but can't say I blame you after that Mt Taylor run!

Friar said...

Good workout, and Mt Taylor is included in the Tour de Mountain next week, so will experience it first hand.

But firstly, Black Mountain Challenge this weekend.

It's only 5km, so probably too short for you. :-)

2P said...

What? You mean you only did one lap this morning - what is wrong with you girl?


Ewen said...

Glad the ankle is OK CJ. Getting used to rough ground is a great idea - you are clever! 6' has some of the meanest ankle-busting tracks going.

Luckylegs said...

That run up & down Mt Taylor sounds a tough one, CJ! No wonder your calves were screaming....better than mooing I suppose.

Janice said...

How high is Mt Taylor anyway. I'm from Ontario, Canada. I've never heard of it.

Black Knight said...

I don't want a Mt. Taylor in my running life!

Hilda said...

Mt Taylor just maybe for a crawl if you are complaining and walking on it!

But that pace and on a week day and that early, yes it is CJ!

Susan said...

Yes, how high is Mt Taylor? Curious minds want to know.

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