Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Back to the gym

Its been over a month since I’ve done a decent workout at the gym so I was looking forward to getting back there. The first thing I noticed on my return is that there has been a mini population explosion – it was soooo busy. People must be getting in some last-minute exercise before Christmas. I found myself circling/hovering around the machines I needed to use and for a while it look like I was destined to never get to use the leg press machine. I had completed all my other exercises before it became available and then there was no way anyone else was going to get to that machine before me. Gym rage could’ve been on the cards!

So tomorrow I probably won’t be able to walk (it was ‘leg’ day today) which is a bit of a worry because it’s my mid-week Mt Taylor run (the 4.30am wake up call).

(am) Mt Taylor run
(pm) yoga


Clairie said...

That leg press is a killer if you have been absent for a while.

If you can't get on the leg press machine next time - grab a weighted barbell and put it on your shoulders and do the lunges.

Working the butt and legs - and will also make you nicely sore the next day :)

Good luck getting up and out the door tomorrow.

Jen_runs said...

Hehehe. Don't you love a good legs workout - though tomorrow is going to be interesting ;-)

Jen_runs said...


Funny I was just talking to mum about another Canberra visit the other day. It looks like it will be sometime in January - you aren't going away on holidays, are you? ;-)

Hilda said...

The good part is that you were looking forward to it, tomorrow you will enjoy not being able to walk... I like it!

Hilary said...

Ah yes, the last minute rush at the gym as everybody realises its summer and try to get in shape for Christmas!!

Good on you for making sure you get a turn on the leg press, if a machine is busy I normally either hit the cardio equipment or take it as a sign that my workout is over!! LOL!

Hope you can walk now!!

Hilary xx