Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another one bites the dust, aka fall #2

It had to happen.......fall #1 happened in January (photographic evidence). Fall #2 happened today - no photographic evidence. I had run Mt Taylor (855m / 2805') as per usual for my Wednesday run, my ipod decided to die about halfway into the run (flat battery) and about another kilometre after that I bit the dust, very heavily (I blame it on lack of music). Once I regained my breath and managed to get up I surveyed the damage - one very grazed knee, grazed arm and hand, bruises appearing on leg. I was about halfway from the finish no matter which direction I ran, there was nothing for it but to continue on my way, with a bloody knee that seemed to attract attention from anyone I passed.

Distance - 15.9km (fall happened at about the 8km mark)
Time - 1hr 38.40min
Av pace - 6.10min/km
AHR - 146; MHR - 174
Started with: Stand up - Jet
Finished with (at the 7km mark): Welcome to the black parade - My Chemical Romance

The rest of the day - feeling sore and sorry for myself :-(

Tuesday - Gym
Workout - leg session
Worked hard and supersetted some of the exercises.

Monday's run
Distance - 12km
Time - 67.38min
Av pace - 5.28min/km
AHR - 145; MHR - 181
Started with: Hit that - Offspring
Finished with: The middle - Jimmy Eat World

Recovered well after Saturday's almost-marathon effort so feeling happy about that.

Saturday's run - now this was a run!
Distance - 34.5km
Time taken - 3hr 40 something mins - a very long time
Av pace - 6.40min/km (does include walking up Mt Ainslie the 2nd time)
AHR - 152; MHR - 182
Started with: Do-do's and Whoa-ohs - Kisschasy
Finished with: Gone away - Offspring

Ran up Mt Ainslie okay the first time; ran most of the way up Mt Majura the 2nd time, but the 3rd time up Mt Ainslie was just a little too much - I had to walk most of it and it never seemed to end. However after that I seemed to get my second wind and managed the rollercoaster okay and also the run back to Molonglo reach. So pretty happy with my first very long run in a long time and the fact that it included a few steep hills!

Friday - gym
Workout - upper body session

Thursday's run
Distance - 10.2km
Time - 59.04min
Av pace - 5.46min/km
AHR - 135; MHR - 180
Started with: Your woman - White Town
Finished with: This is how a heart breaks - Rob Thomas


Ewen said...

That's a good idea CJ - get all the dust bitten before March.

Oh yeah, 3:40-something is not a very long time. 4:30 to 5 hours at 6' is a very long time (but a good time).

Jen_runs said...

Ouch! So sorry to hear about your fall. I'm glad it wasn't too serious.

I'd blame the lack of music too - don't know about you but my feet just seem to know what to do when I'm listening to music (and that's not just when I'm on the dance floor!)

Clairie said...

CJ that is terrible, but oh so entertaining.

You obviously fell down in disgust at the ipod not working, that happens to me all the time :)

Hope the grazing doesn't hurt too much - remember there is a blood rule on hills....."draw blood - then display it proudly"

Friar said...

Poor CJ - to bite the dust again.

But you showed how tough you are by getting up and on with the run.