Sunday, January 25, 2009

10k for the day

The first vets run for the year was at Campbell Park this morning and the weather was nothing what I expected. It was cool (verging on chilly) and overcast - perfect running conditions. Strewth and I managed a 2km warm up before our respective starts. Caught up with a few people and then I was away in group 33. It was only a matter of time before twofruits passed me and not long after the turn around I passed Ewen. I had forgotten about the grinding climb to the turnaround but at least the return run was easier - mostly downhill. Never sighted Strewth on the run - she was just too good for me today. We then managed another 2km cool down afterwards, thus making a total of 10km for the day.

Then we were off to Lake Burley Griffin to hopefully catch up with some people we knew who were competing in the triathlon this morning. Saw Lochie out on the run, which meant, of course, that most people would have finished the event. So we sought out a coffee, of course, and for the next 15-20mins was spent standing in a queue. Caroline, who had competed in the olympic distance triathlon spied us in the queue and came up for a chat, hot chocolate and muffin. Watched the presentations, saw Jodie receive a medal for placing third in her age group, Lochie receive a medal in his age group but unfortunately never saw Caroline receive her medal, due to some recording bungle. Hopefully it will be sorted soon and she receives her medal - she deserves it.

This afternoon I went for a swim - 1km freestyle followed by 500m with a kickboard and fins.

Tomorrow is the Mt Tennent/Bushfold Flats run - 20.3km. It's also the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown. What will be the number one song for 2008?


"It must be borne in mind that the great tragedy in life is not in
failing to reach all of your goals--it is in having no goals for
which you are reaching.

It is not a calamity if somehow you die with dreams unfulfilled but
it is a calamity not to dream.

It is not a disgrace if you fail to reach the stars, but it is a
disgrace if you have no stars for which you are reaching.

It is not a disaster if you fail to achieve your highest ideals,
but it is a disaster if you have no high ideals for which you are
striving. Not failure, but lower aim is sin."

Benjamin Elijah Mays - Former President Of Morehouse college


strewth said...

Thanks for your company today CJ and best of luck for your "hilly" run up Mt Tennant tomorrow. Glad we ran this morning cos it certainly warmed up later!

Jen said...

Oh drats! I was at the triathlon yesterday too! I hadn't mentioned that we were coming down to Canberra because we were only staying on Sat night & had lots of family-related plans. Sorry I missed you!

Ewen said...

You missed a much better cup of coffee down by the lake this morning!

46 days to go - not long!

Anonymous said...

you'd run faster if you ran with real vets. have you seen what they do with thermometers?

but if you're happy to run with these people, tcha... what can i say?

how do you fit it all in? you're amazing.