Sunday, January 04, 2009

Climb every mountain


But don't imagine a picturesque Sound of Music scene but rather a bunch of runners / walkers making their way up Mt Tennent, in Namadgi National Park, down to Bushfold Flats, up to the top of Apollo Rd, oh and then for fun, retrace their steps.

We may have started off together (six of us anyway) but given the range of abilities and fitness, we soon separated, only to pass at various points in the run. It was cloudy and cool as we ventured to the top of Mt Tennent for the first time and there wasn't really much to see once we'd arrived. There was also a breeze blowing that became gradually stronger (a headwind as we were running Bushfold Flats in reverse) before dying away again near the end of the run.

There were also a few bush walkers out and about - in groups, in pairs and a sole walker (Sven, as we nicknamed him).

While it was a hard run ('run' not being quite an accurate description in my case, and 'hard' not really doing justice to just how challenging the run is) it was with a great sense of satisfaction when I made it to the top both times, not too far behind softshoeshuffle and two fruits. There were several potential CJs - but I managed to stay upright.

Finally after about 4 and a half hours of running/walking time, I made it back to the car park, dusty, sweaty but triumphant. Another tough run done and dusted. And on 26 January I will be running (not walking) to the top of Mt Tennent.

Then bliss......standing in the cool water at Point Hut. Sometimes its the little things in life that make me happy and this was one of them. A coffee would've been nice but as I have given up coffee (part of a food challenge) for 14 days (finishing 14 January) I will have to forgo this pleasure for the time being, along with the chocolate. Bring on the green tea!

Today, my calves are not happy with me at all - there is no way I could run again today even if I'd wanted to. But that's fine - as part of my training I'm running every second day (physio recommendation).

Now to find some bush trails near Bateman's Bay - we're off to spend a few days at the coast. Murramarang National Park looks like it might be a nice place to run.


Two Fruits said...

Have an easy week down the coast, put your feet up and read a book. Good run on Sat. Doing well.

Toasty said...

4 and 1/2 hours! That's a heap for this time of year.

Lulu said...

Great to see you out conquering mountains again. Happy New Year an this year we must have a coffee together somewhere!

Ewen said...

Ahem. Ruth and I have coffee after our runs!

Please take your camera to record all CJs done in 2009.

IHateToast said...

i like to think of you, strewth, and spewen running around in shorts and singlets made from jaquard drapery. is that too much to ask?

4.5? that's more than a mary for you. i don't get it. you mutant.