Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another one done and dusted

After a muggy night I was up at 4.30am to have breakfast before heading out on my 20km run at 5.30am. The things I do to fit my training around work and the weather. I can't run 20km on an empty stomach either - if I want to get the most out of my longer training runs I have to eat beforehand hence the early start.

Its also getting lighter a bit later now. It wasn't quite light when I headed off at 5.30am but the start of my running route is along some roads before I hit the trails behind Hawker. After the storms yesterday afternoon and evening everything was still damp and smelt fresh - all the dust had been washed away. It was soft underfoot and there was a nutmeg/peppery scent in the air as I ran through the bush - not sure what plant/tree was responsible for the smell but it was very pleasant. I passed by the 'cockatoo tree', so named because there are usually at least 20 cockatoos perched, hanging and squawking/screeching from the branches. Its a dead tree with absolutely no foliage whatsoever but is usually festooned with the cockatoos.

My run took me through part of the Pinnacle nature park, across the road and past Mt Painter, through Aranda bushland to the start of the Black Mountain nature park and then retrace my steps home. I never get tired of this run. Today there were the cockatoos, kangaroos who would stop from whatever they were doing and stare until I run past, lots of rabbits dashing around and the usual walkers out with their dogs.

On my return trip, running along behind Hawker again, with about 4km to go, there was a familiar figure ahead - familiar, yes, but I wasn't sure why. I don't usually encounter anyone I know running along here. As I drew closer to pass by, I discovered it was KW out for a run with his dog, Gus. So we ran together for a while, chatting, until I reached Belconnen Way where we parted ways. It certainly made the last few kms pass by quickly and pleasantly.

So another run done and dusted for the week. So far, since Monday I have run 45km with probably another 25km to be done by Friday. And today I paid my entry for Six Foot Track marathon, as well as the Mt Tennent Australia Day trail run. The weather forecast for Monday is meant to be 35*c - I hope that changes before then.

Clairie - there might be mileage and time on the feet but no speed unfortunately! I'm the proverbial tortoise watching the hares go racing past. The sleep-in was definitely worth it!

Ewen - I'm still gobsmacked that I ran that distance for the week - I've never run that far before....ever...over a week.

Friar - sounds like the Zephyr was a reliable car.

"Big goals get big results. No goals gets no results or somebody else's results."
Mark Victor Hansen

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Ewen said...

You're no tortoise! If you rested up for a couple of days you'd thrash us mere mortals.

Hah! I still beat you on one thing - 147k for me one week last year.