Saturday, January 17, 2009

A gentle zephyr

When I was younger, ie way back in primary school, I loved reading and creative writing classes and I would read many books and write many short stories - for school and just for fun. There would always be a word that would capture my imagination and I would then incorporate the word into everything I wrote. One such word was 'zephyr'. I came across that word initially in some book I was reading and I was smitten! I loved that word and from then on I would add it into everything i wrote. My teacher must've got a giggle from some of the things I wrote - but you could always guarantee there was a gentle zephyr blowing in there somewhere!

Anyway back to today and I have an opportunity to use that word again!!! There was a gentle zephyr blowing this morning as we tackled the Mt Ainslie, Trent's Grave, Rollercoaster trilogy three times, for a total of 41.49km! That gentle zephyr was a godsend while running the Rollercoaster and on top of Mt Ainslie - it certainly made running those distances a little easier. I have memories of doing the same run two years ago - but back then it was a hot day and it was hard work.

It was a mixture of walking and slow running with some reasonable breaks between loops. I have to admit I was surprised that the third loop really wasn't that bad - I was tired but could still run most of it (a bit of Mt Ainslie and Trent's Grave being the exceptions). There is nothing as good as being able to sit down on the seats that very last time and know that you don't have to run another step! (well, for that day, at least!). And its also with a great sense of personal satisfaction knowing that you've completed what you set out to do earlier that morning.

The run was followed by standing in the cool waters of Lake Burley Griffin for about 15 mins with Steve for company afterwards. A persistent fish was nibbling on my ankles - at least I hope it was a fish! It doesn't pay to look too closely at what is lurking in the lake waters! Then it was off home, shower and head into the mall with Mr CJ for a much-looked-forward-to coffee. I have finished the 2 week challenge ie no coffee (nil, zip, nada, zero, zilch), and I now have one coffee a day.

Its now 6.30pm and I feel ok - no soreness, just tired. Looking forward to bed tonight and having a well -earned sleep-in tomorrow morning!

Another totally mind-blowing fact (well for me anyway, if no-one else!) - since last Sunday I have run a total of about 118km for the week!

Today - 41.49km, 4hr 49.58min actual running time at 6.59min/km pace.


"[Do not] assume it is impossible because you find it hard. Recognise that if it's humanly possible then you can do it too."

- Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor


Friar said...

Used to have a Ford "Zephyr", years ago in Canberra.

Went on trips to the coast many times.

Ewen said...

Lucky it wasn't the gale-force zephyr we had on the grass track at Stromlo.

41 and 118! Show-off!

Clairie said...

Mileage, time on feet, speed, it all looks good CJ. Should be ready for a cracker year I would say.

Hope the sleep in was just what runner ordered and you are ready to get into another big week.

Anonymous said...

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