Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Never assume anything!

Last Tuesday I injured myself and it wasn't through running - so no I didn't do a CJ (I saw your comment Ewen!).

It had to with a frozen computer, a desk and power cords underneath the desk. That is, my work computer froze during log-on, the on/off switch wouldn't work, hitting it definitely didn't work so this meant I had to crawl under my desk to pull the power plugs out of the power board (or whatever it's called), as we don't have power switches up on the desk. I gave the cord a yank, hit my head on the underneath part of my desk and thought that was it.....until I went to stand up..........and couldn't. My lower back went into painful spasms and I had to get back on the floor until it settled down.

Since then I have been to the doctor, the physio (three times), and for acupuncture (twice). I'm on muscle relaxant medication plus anti-inflammatories. The back went into spasms again Sunday night but since the acupuncture it has settled down so now I'm feeling almost human and not likely to snap anyone's head off or burst into tears. I have another lot of acupuncture Thursday afternoon - I have to admit I've been impressed with the results so far.

Then we fly to the Gold Coast Friday afternoon for son #3's graduation from Griffith University which is on Saturday afternoon. Then we fly home Sunday.

I miss my running.


speedygeoff said...

Oh dear. Computers are dangerous! I shall tread warily around you tonight. And if you drop your fork I can pick it up for you.

iliketoast said...

Ouch, that is real pain. Hope the recovery is as fast as you run (when your back is healed)

Ewen said...

Sounds like "doing a CJ" would have been less painful.

By the way, ex-blogger Strewth told me the real reason you were under that desk!

Two Fruits said...

Get "back" asap, but have an easy Christmas. Don't take any notice of Ewen, he can't run up mountains.

IHateToast said...

how was that not a cj?