Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are you gonna go my way (Lenny Kravitz)

This morning I met up with two fruits and softshoeshuffle for a run taking in Black Mountain, gunbarrel and Dairy Farmers hill, among others. I was on time but I had forgotten my drink bottles and carrier. Fortunately both guys had brought extra drinks. This was my first 'real', hilly off-road run since the 'back' incident 3 weeks ago so I wasn't sure how I'd fare. However, last week I managed a total of 45km for the week, 16km of this was on flat cycle paths, and then I graduated to off-road trails. However not all is peachy just yet - I have developed a sore left achilles and left groin muscle, both of which apparently relate back to my 'back' incident.

Our run started with a run up Black Mountain (which I walked) and then backtracking down the path we had just come up. I was running downhill very carefully because downhill running puts more strain on my back at the moment so the guys ran away from me. No problem, I knew where they were going....or so I thought. I got to the bottom and no-one was there. Funny I could've sworn I didn't pass them on the way down, so where were they? Seems like I was too engrossed in listening to my music and watching my footing to take any notice of where they were going and I missed a turn-off. Luckily two fruits had come back for me, envisaging I had either done a CJ or my back had given way. Then we made our way back to where he had left softshoeshuffle, only to find he wasn't there. Oh dear, this run was going really well!

We eventually regrouped and started off again, along familiar territory (for me) in Black Mt nature park and then it was time to head across to Stromlo. Without thinking I was heading for the shortest way across, which in this case was a road (part of Glenloch Interchange). Not a good idea! Instead we followed the cycle path underpass - a much safer route.

The rest of the run had its highs and lows for me but this had more to do with my lack of running for the past 3 weeks rather than any pain or niggles. The weather also was starting to change - we started in warm sunny weather but a large black cloud was looming and the wind was picking up some strength.

Finally Black Mt peninsula came into sight - oh what a reassuring sight to see my car! I ran close to 24km this morning - some of it easy, some of it hard but as always, with great company. I know I wouldn't do half of what we did if it wasn't for the moral support and the 'just being there' that I get from running with these guys. So a big thanks and hugs to two fruits and softshoeshuffle.


speedygeoff said...

I don't think I have met softshoeshuffle. Does he have a relative who goes by the name "ipod"?

Luckylegs said...

Wow! Great run, CJ, in spite of the wrong turns!

Happy 2009!

Ewen said...

Two Fruits told me they decided to lose you on purpose because they were worried about "CJs" being done.