Monday, December 01, 2008

From Innabaayna to Tuggeranong

Groundhog day.

Alarm went off at 7am - turned it off, dozed off.

Woke up - blinked, blinked again, rubbed eyes - 8am.

From bed to Innabaayna (site of last Vets run for the year, out on Majura Rd) - in 45-50min including coffee on the run.

I was in Group 33 as I'm still paying the price for a really good run back in February 2006 and as happened last month, all the back runners passed me before the turnaround, or just after. It was beginning to look like I would come in last because I'm sure everyone passed me and I hadn't passed anyone. The legs felt heavy to start with and any hill brought me to a shuffle but I was gradually getting into my stride - it just takes time. I kept Steve in sight but really all I was trying to do was run at a comfortable pace.

I finished 80th (of 94 participants) in about 34.28min, an average of around 5min/km pace. Not too shabby after Saturday's run.

Then yesterday evening I went with some work colleagues to see Joe Camilieri (sp?) and the Black Sorrows who were playing at the Tuggeranong Festival, down by the lake. It was a great night followed by fireworks. However the coffee I had at 8.45pm (late by my standards) meant I had a very sub-standard night's sleep.

This morning I was at the gym doing a weights session followed by 30min cardio intervals on the bike. My legs are still feeling a little sluggish but not too bad.

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Two Fruits said...

Big weekend, no wonder the snooze button takes a hit or two. Rest is just as important as everything else in 24 hours. Take care!