Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday thoughts

Today’s calendar entry: “Chocolate is, let’s face it, far more reliable than a man – Miranda Ingram.”

Have you noticed its getting darker in the mornings these days? I’m talking 5.30ish here. It was also considerably cooler this morning – 11*c proclaimed the ultra cheery radio voice – so cheery I felt half inclined to throw my clock radio across the room. Then I had my coffee and the day suddenly seemed rosy! Ok I exaggerate a little – I thought I could at least get up and run 10km followed by 6 x 100m strides on the oval. All this before breakfast too.

Which. Is. What. I. Did.

Got up……dressed……and ran…..10km in 49.28min. This was followed by 6 x 100m strides and then I was heading home for rolled oats with banana and sugar-free maple syrup. Yummo! I do love early mornings really, its just that getting out the door sometimes is the hardest part.

A comment was made on yesterday’s entry that it looked like I had made a massive jump in distance for my long runs. Not so, not so. I have been following a training program for a little while now, and the week before last my long run was 26km, previously 24km, 20k, etc. This coming Saturday I will run 34km and then for the following week (my easy week) I cut back to 20km. Likewise for my mid-week medium long run. This started at 10km, then 12km, 14km, 16km last week and 18km tomorrow. Next week it will be about 10km I think. Ok, so I suck at 10,000m on the track but out on the trails, on my own, going slowly – anything is achievable!


IHateToast said...

my ultra cheery morning voice comes from my lervemunkee. i, too, want to throw it across the room. so coffee will fix my 'tude?

love the chocolate quote.

Ewen said...

You don't suck at the 10,000. You just had a bad chocolate day.

Two Fruits said...

It's not the distance of the long or the mid week run, it's the base that the training is coming off. There is a big difference between muscle fit and aerobic fit. Too much too soon, get either out of order, then the problems may come back. That's the " be careful" part. Play it smart, you're doing good.

Tesso said...

I like your plan.

So are you planning to 'just' do the marathon in Canberra or are you having a shot at the 50k?

PS Have you been getting our emails re the triplej top 100???