Monday, January 14, 2008


The coast was great; the fall I had before we left for the coast wasn't great! The first fall for 2008 - on the gravel, skin off the right palm, arm and knee. Lots of blood and gore as I ran home - lots of funny looks as blood splatter was going everywhere! Plus I was covered with dust down the front of my top.

The fall happened on the flat; I'd run up and down hills and over rocky tricky bits and then I fell on a flat stretch of path, on my way home. Mr CJ says I need to learn how to roll but as i retorted, I don't even know I'm going to fall over! It all happens so quickly - one minute I am upright running, the next minute I have face-planted the gravel!

So the right knee is bandaged again - this is becoming a January ritual!


Friar said...

Thanks for not taking a photo and posting it.

IHateToast said...

but but but i want a photo! you know my email address (hotchestybabe at youknowit dot com if you forgot).