Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The things you see.......

.....when you go for a long run! I wish I had a camera! I was probably about 16km into my long run (almost halfway) when I came across an ironing board, set up, with clothes hanging off it. To put it in context, I saw this ironing board just as I left the O’Connor entrance to Black Mountain nature park so I was still in the bush. I had to look twice just to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating! I’m assuming it has been set up by some person who has been collecting lost clothing items from the nature park and this was quite a novel way of displaying them in hope that their owners would reclaim them.

Anyway back to the long run – last Saturday morning. It was basically the same as the long run the week before only a little longer. I ran a total of 34km from home to Black Mt Nature Park and back again. Probably the only thing I did differently was to run the (signposted) Little Black Mt circuit which added on a couple of kms. It was also a lot warmer with sunny blue skies. However I did notice that a few weeks ago I would’ve struggled with this one, especially over the latter stages, whereas on Saturday, while I felt tired, certainly ran it a lot better. So I am improving - 34km in 3hr 27min.

The hard thing was backing up with a 6km race the following morning. It was the monthly Veteran’s run handicap, at Campbell Park. I felt tired and sluggish initially and it was really only from the turnaround point that I felt that I could make it home in a respectable time, and not die on the way! Again, it was sunny and hot. I started in group 36 (still!) and finished 92nd in a field of 116 – so not last thankfully (though for a while I thought that was to be the case!). My time was 28.52min.

Monday was a rest day and this morning I was up bright and early (ok, well maybe just early!) and off to the gym, the first time for 5 weeks. So it was light weights and high reps so I can run this afternoon in the 5km race at Stromlo Forest Park, part of the Cross Country Summer series. Thing is, it’s meant to be 34*c today and it probably won’t have cooled down a lot by 6pm. And there’s no shade on the grass track. It’s going to be hot.


Tesso said...

What a great weekend of running CJ. Must make you feel good being able to put in a solid 6k race after the long run. Funny about the ironing board!

Now you have inspired me to hit the gym tomorrow, I've been so slack on that front.

IHateDishes said...

toasty would have taken that board.

i'm glad you left it alone.

or was it a sign to train for ironing man?

Jen_runs said...

LOL. I have to agree with IHD - it's a sign its time to start training again for another IronMan :-)

iliketoast said...

3:30 is a long run for anyone, that's most impressive ... you have certainly ironed out your niggles ... oh dear, that was pathetic

Ewen said...

It was hot! Almost as hot as an iron.

You missed the lovely cool change from the Bungendore Doctor which arrived at 7pm.