Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hot, hot, hot

Today's calendar entry: "Dermatologists have found that applying chocolate topically renews and moisturises the skin."

It was hot yesterday afternoon, running in the 5km at Stromlo. The facility is great but it lacks shade at the moment. The grass track is excellent to run on, and there are undulations as it meanders around for 2.5km. This meant we were running 2 laps. I ran a warm up lap with Ewen and Jeni to familiarise myself with the course and even then I was feeling hot. Finally it was time to start and I promised myself that I would run the first lap comfortably – no silly business!

The first lap wasn’t too bad – chatted a while with Chris P, Kerrie B flew past, Susan Hobson and Sarah Fien were just ahead. The second lap was hard and getting harder – it seemed hillier the second time around. And hot – when there was no breeze, the sun was just beating down. I have never been so happy to finish. Water tasted wonderful! The shade was beautiful! I came in 60th overall, in a field of 105; my time was 23.14min. Happy!

This morning I ran 12km, my usual route behind Hawker. I was tired and it all seemed much hillier than I remembered it. It was warm for 6am – about 19*c. I also took water with me which I don’t usually do for the shorter morning runs but I was still feeling a little dehydrated from yesterday’s run.

I also had a win this morning – a pair of pants that I haven’t been able to fit into properly since last summer, now fit me. Yay! There is something to be said for marathon training!


speedygeoff said...

Great run, CJ. Many wilted in the heat but not you.

Tesso said...

Well done CJ. Obviously you love the heat. Move to Qld!

BTW Sarah Fien has been doing some running up here, at BRRC and she's attended at least one PCRG session. Great runner alright!

Ewen said...

I wilted on the second lap when you raced out of sight down one of the hills. Good run!

IHateToast said...

satin pants? letha? big plastic comb in the back pocket? c'mon, gloria vanderbilt painted ons?


so if i apply chocolate to my face, i'll have better skin but look very moley? moisturises? of course it does. it's moist. if i apply mark's sweaty socks to my face, they'll moisturise... and renew my faith in evil.

glad you're happy, hot-pants chappie.