Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Something’s gotta give

My energy levels haven’t improved.

I went to the gym this morning and while I worked my butt off on the weights I still felt as if I was wading through molasses.

The running is coming along slowly – too slowly for my liking but then I’m not known for my patience. As for the periostitis, there is still some tenderness in one particular area of my shin but I don’t think it warrants a cortisone injection. I see the physio again on Friday and a decision will be made then.

I pretty much flunked the calf flexibility test last week at the physio’s – you know, the one where you stand next to a wall then bend the knee, with the aim of touching the wall with said knee. With my left foot, the distance is about 4cm from the end of my toes to the wall. With my right foot it’s about 2cm.

Now, in case it’s not immediately obvious, I have very tight calves! And this has probably contributed to my injury. In fact, in all likelihood, it’s been the change in terrain since last November that has contributed to the problem as a lot of my running included steeper hills than usual. I have tended to run on the balls of my feet more than usual thus increasing the load on my calves, which over time have become tighter and tighter until *twang* something gave way ie an overuse injury.


2P said...

I hear you sister - hope it gives soon! When it does please give it to me too ;-)

Ewen said...

Your calves! Stay off the bloody hills for a while CJ, or walk them like I do :) There are no hills on the track, and you have the defence of your ACT 10k title to think about!