Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Days like these…….

…..are better off spent staying in bed out of harms way!

That was my day yesterday.

I started the day with a ‘run’ of 90sec jog followed by 90sec walk then 3min jog followed by 3min walk and repeat this. I have to say it was the fugliest run I’ve done in a long time. It was like how I imagine running through molasses would be like – hard going to say the least. My energy levels have dipped below the empty mark and yet it can’t be my diet – I am fully loaded on slow carbs ie low GI carbs. And it’s not like I’m over training – 4 runs a week but it’s only a total of 9mins actual running time for each run. I go to the gym twice a week so I hardly qualify as a gym junkie. Hopefully this lack of energy will pass.

Ever heard of the person who sends out a joke email and accidentally includes the whole department in the email?

Trust me, it does happen and I am living proof of it.

Ok, so it wasn’t the entire department but it did go to everyone in one particular building belonging to our department. How did it happen? The person I was forwarding on some joke photos (not risque, thank heavens) has the same surname as the name of this particular building and I didn’t look when selecting the name from the address book – bad, bad move. Anyway to cut a long sad sorry tale short, the motto of this story is to always check the email address BEFORE sending the email (or just don’t send joke emails at all and I’m seriously considering that option!) I sat waiting with sinking heart for emails to come pouring back in but so far only 2. It’s so mortifying…… :-( I’m such a klutz at times.

Yesterday’s highlight (fortunately it wasn’t all lowlights) was attending a work presentation by Ian Kiernan (Cleanup Australia) – a very down-to-earth man who is passionate about the environment and can tell a good story or two. The theme of the talk was leadership and it was a very entertaining hour. The next talk will be given by Dr John Tickell (of the Great Australian Diet and Celebrity Overhaul fame) in November – I am looking forward to it.

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