Monday, October 15, 2007

Operation Marshmallow to Muscle

This little project (Operation Marshmallow to Muscle) started when I went back to work on 5 September but it fell by the wayside , what with one thing and another. I have refocused and was back into the gym this morning. As part of Operation Marshmallow to Muscle, I am following the Triple Threat Workout by Dr John Berardi, featured in this month's Oxygen magazine.

Apparently our total daily metabolic rate can be broken down into 4 components:
* Resting metabolic rate
* Physical activity level
* Thermic effect of feeding
* Non-exercise activity thermogenesis

If we want to maximally boost our metabolism we need to rev up all 4 of these components, and to do so we need to take aim at 5 main metabolic targets: muscle, afterburn, post-meal metabolism, inefficiency and exercise volume.

The Triple Threat Workout is designed to maximise 4 of the 5 targets. And the workout got its name because it combines 3 types of exercise:
* weight training
* interval exercise
* active recovery cardio

So, for example, a weekly workout could look like this:
Weight training: lower body weights
Interval exercise session 1: 7 to 10 x 30sec high intensity; 90 secs low intensity
Active recovery cardio workout: 60mins of low intensity cardio
Weight training: Upper body weights
Interval exercise session 2: 7 to 10 x 60sec high intensity; 60sec low intensity
Active recovery cardio workout: 60mins of low intensity cardio

I have changed it slightly for the weights session: I do a whole body weights session rather than split it into upper and lower body over 2 sessions. For Monday (today) I do (did) progressively heavier weights and progressively lower reps. For my other weights session I will do lighter weights and higher reps just to mix things up. Hopefully by summer there'll be more muscle than squishy marshmallow!

So that's one part of my planning put into practice. Still to come: future running goals, nutrition plan, study plans/options.........


Ewen said...

I'm wondering if eating chocolate raises the thermic effect of feeding?

Lulu said...

Sounds like a very interesting plan. I need some marshmallow to muscle treatment too!

Two Fruits said...

I thought 100 km per week would do the same thing. Marshmellows are to put in hot milo drinks on a cold winter night just before bed time.

Tesso said...

Gosh. Reading your blog reminded me that I am actually a gym member. Its been a while!