Friday, August 10, 2007

Putt! putt! putt! (instead of vroom! vroom! vroom!)

Thursday Total: 14k
Week total: 51.7k
Month total: 95.4k
Year total: 1,477.9k

Time: 1hr 26.14min
Av pace: 6.09min/km
Av Temp: 12.6*c (9.30am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 57.8%
Wind Spd Avg: 24.4kph (NW)
Started with: Reflections of a sound - Silverchair
Finished with: Funky tonight - John Butler Trio

Today (Friday) is a rest day hence I'm typing this from bed (9.30am) - the benefits of being on holidays! However I did run Wednesday (7.4km) and yesterday, around Black Mountain nature park (14km). Normally I run this one from home but it means running up Chewings St and Springvale Dve before I can get off-road. Yesterday I drove the car to the top of Springvale Dve (Pinnacle carpark) and started the run from there. All well and good, but I never realised before that little uphill section there before heading down to Coulter Rd, which I cross before heading across the back of Cook and Aranda suburbs.

This is a tough run and yesterday I struggled up some of the hills, one in particular that heads up towards Mt Painter (not quite a mountain, more of a biggish hill though yesterday I would beg to differ). So I stopped to admire the view once I reached the top (ok so I stopped to get my breath back and wait for the wobble in the legs to subside before heading down the other side!). After the initial hills it settles down to a fairly flattish gravel trail (with gentle ups and downs) and so the rest of the run through the nature park went well. But then there was the return trip - it meant I had hills or trails that just head steadily upwards, on the way back to the car. So I plodded - that's the best way of describing my running style at this point.

It can only get better!

Currently running more like an Ape (arp-pay).......

...than a ferrari!


Ewen said...

Lucky you weren't on Mt Painter today, you would have got blown away.

6:09/km on hills is quicker than Ape pace CJ - maybe not Ferrari (nice one by the way) - perhaps Alfa pace.

Tesso said...

Isn't it funny that when you are on hols its almost like a hol from serious running as well. Nothing wrong with that though!