Monday, July 23, 2007

No spouting allowed

One of our favourite signs from Italy, at a place called Monteriggione (in Tuscany). In case you can't read the red print at the bottom of the sign, here it is:

"Attention: the unprovided ticket visitors an administrative sanction will be applied.
He is forbidden to rise and lean of the walls out.
He has forbidden to spout or to abandon rubbish to the ground."

Well, it had to come to an end eventually. We've been home for about 5 days now and its taken me this long to defrost enough to write up a post! I cannot believe how cold it is - I can see my fingers and toes but I can't feel them - they're numb from cold. We arrived in Sydney on one of its coldest days, and Canberra has been having sub-arctic weather. The fish pond was iced over this morning and I've been told this has not been the first time this winter. Waaaah - I WANT TO GO BACK TO ITALY!

Apologies for the lack of communication after leaving San Gimignano but internet access became harder to find and/or more expensive. There was no more running either. While staying at Vernazza (Cinque Terre) we decided to do the walk between the 5 villages - easier than trying to run vertically! There were plans on doing a run in Lucca, along the walls, but throwing up one's dinner at 2am put a dampener on that one. By the time I hit London I was fully into the holiday mode - eat, eat and eat and worry about the running when i get home! Which is a shame actually because Kensington Park and Hyde Park were only just down the road. But Harrods beckoned......

One of the highlights was meeting a fellow blogger, aka The Black Knight. Thank you Stefano for the warm welcome, for showing us your city, for the wonderful dinner we shared with you, your wife, Giorgio and his wife, and for the great t-shirt - I will wear it with pride! And it might just be Firenze 08!

Monday Total: 7.5k
Week total: 7.5k
Month total: 44.4k
Year total: 1,335.4k

Time: 43.40min
Av pace: 5.49min/km
Av Temp: 4.5*c (9.50am)
Rel. Humidity Av: 80.4%
Wind Spd Avg: 3.1kph (S)
Started with: We're coming home - Rogue Traders
Finished with: Keep the car running - Arcade Fire

Since being home I've used the jetlag excuse but that's wearing a little thin now (which, I might add, is the only thing that is wearing thin - I have managed to gain 3kg). So this morning I was up, dressed in multi layers, ready to run for half an hour and get re-acquainted with my music, then I stepped outside and..........very quickly backtracked. It was bloody freezing! So I waited 3hours before stepping out again, and it was marginally warmer.

I can't believe how out of shape I feel. After all, its only been just over a fortnight since I last ran but the way I felt while running this morning, it felt like a lot longer. Forget DOMS - I had SOMS (sudden onset muscle soreness)!

Tomorrow its the gym. Now that will be interesting.......


TD said...

Welcome home CJ and great to have you back safe and sound. Hope you looked after Strewth. What sort of shape are you in for the C2S..hmm?

You're certainly right about the cold. It's been one of our colder winters for some time. I still love being out in it regardless.

IHateToast said...

welcome back! your travels have been very fun to follow.

i can't believe you met the famous black knights of italy. and you survived.

now will you survive a chilly canberra?

Tesso said...

Good to have you back CJ!

Don't worry about the feeling like you've lost fitness it takes way more than 2 weeks to lose it. And think of all the calories you will burn up just by shivering :-)

speedygeoff said...

Welcome back. It's not cold now!

Ewen said...

It's not cold! Wimp. It was 14 this afternoon :)

Welcome back - ha ha ha. I just want to go to Italy.

Try not to spout during the 25k Bush Capital race on Saturday morning.

Li desidero gettare durante il funzionamento seguente di addestramento dei sei piedi.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back - I'll be bracing myself for the cold this Saturday for the 16km run! Bring on summer.


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have gotten to go to Italy!

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