Friday, February 19, 2010

Its a long way to the top..........

Event: North Curtin xcountry summer series
Distance: 5km
Time: 24.32min
Place: 69
Pace: 5min/km
Splits -
1: 5.02
2: 5.33
3: 5.00
4: 4.36
5: 4.49
Calories: 276

Tuesday just gone was my third xcountry event - at Nth Curtin oval. It was a pleasantly warm afternoon, soft underfoot as a result of the rain we had over the weekend. I should've been feeling good and starting to get into my groove for running, having returned to running several weeks prior. But, my mojo was off, disappeared, gone AWOL or MIA, or something. It was anywhere but where I needed it Tuesday afternoon. In fact I was beginning to think that maybe I didn't need to go running anymore, that maybe I should focus on something else like swimming or cycling instead. In short, I was so not in a running mood and it was like a little black cloud hovering over me. I reluctantly warmed up and fortunately came across Strewth and Heidi returning from their warm up so I joined them for the jog back to the start, buoyed by the company.

I started very slowly in the run and soon realised that we were heading up the hill. I haven't done hills since SFT last year. I plodded along and surprisingly passed other runners. Don't look up became my mantra. Once I reached the turn around it was an easy run back to the start. After all, what goes up must come down.

I think I will have to start joining others for my longer run on the weekend soon. Running on my own all the time is lonely and I'm missing my running buddies. Its doing my head in.

On Thursday Mr CJ and I went to see AC/DC in concert at ANZ stadium, in Sydney. This was my surprise Xmas present to Mr CJ who is an AC/DC fan. I'm not a fan but I do love my music loud, heavy and with a good beat and this concert certainly ticked all the right boxes. The bonus, in my opinion, was Wolfmother as support act. I loved New Moon Rising, Woman and the Joker and the Thief. And then the main act started - opening with Runaway Train - wow! Other popular songs included TNT, Dirty Deeds, Shook me all night long, and Hells Bells. Angus on guitar was amazing. The night finished with fireworks. And the number of people packed into the stadium was incredible - I have never been to a concert that size before - and 90% were wearing AC/DC t-shirts (I was in the other 10%)! But sadly there was no Its a Long Way to the Top - apparently they don't play it anymore.


Ewen said...

Apparently the second support act (before Wolfmother) was the best.

Did they play "Highway to a Bloody Knee"? Yes, Ruth "did a CJ" this morning... but there were no photos, so did it really happen?

And, we found a great post-run coffee. You'll have to join us soon!

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