Wednesday, February 10, 2010

déjà vu

I'm glad this is the last run at the boathouse in the summer series because the traffic was awful yesterday afternoon trying to get to there. It was the second run in the summer series and while the start was same spot, the run was meant to go in the opposite direction to last week. However, this didn't happen and the route was the same as last week - past the hospice (it was good to see Milton sitting out watching the runners). I bumped into someone I met doing my Cert 3 at CIT last year - that was a nice surprise. She spent the last 6 months of last year overseas, based in Italy, but doing lots of travelling to other countries, half her luck. I was better prepared for the start this time and set off at a slightly quicker pace than last week surprising Strewth when I passed her - she hadn't heard me coming up behind her! I just love surprises! The run wasn't any easier but I managed to finish in just under 25mins so I'm happy with that.

Distance: 5km
Time: 24.53min
Pace: 4.58min/km
Cals: 287
Splits -
1 - 5.10
2 - 4.52
3 - 4.51
4 - 4.59
5 - 4.57


Two Fruits said...

Well done, that's a nice improvement. Under 5 min pace and passing Strewth again. Easy on pushing the pace too soon.

Ewen said...

So does this mean you plan on regaining your ACT 10,000m Championship title tonight?

Kelley Flood said...

Good on you CJ. I would be flat out getting that time now and I have been training. You are an inspiration.

Two Fruits said...

Enjoy Valentine's Day. Hope you get some nice chocolates. Not too many, just enough to not have to run too far to burn off the calories.

Anonymous said...

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