Sunday, April 05, 2009

Uh oh..........

I diligently went around changing all the clocks back an hour last night before going to bed so I would be getting up at the right time this morning for my long run. I didn't realise the number of clocks/watches we have in the house!

Anyway I was up bright and early this morning for my planned 26km run, down to Lake Burley Griffin (close to Regatta Point) and then back home. There were lots of runners out this morning, plus a few cyclists. Its a pleasant run along the cycle path to the lake. I spent a lot of time mentally planning a mini group exercise session that I have to present to class on Tuesday, so the time went quickly. Before I knew it I was at the turn around point. So far the running was going to plan and apart from some tightness around the left hip/glute, I was cruising along at 5.30min/km pace.

Then.....uh oh..... something happened at the 20km mark - my left ITB was getting sorer by the minute. It then got so bad that I was half jogging, half walking/hobbling for the next 2km. Jeez, I'd forgotten how painful an irritated ITB can be. It was then I realised there was no way I was going to be able to finish the run (I still had 4km to go to get home) so I gave in (after a lot mental arguing back and forth with myself) and called Mr CJ to come and get me. Damn, if its not one thing its another. Admittedly during the latter stages of SFT my left ITB was beginning to hurt, especially during the downhill runs so I guess it should come as no surprise that its reappeared, with a vengeance.

Methinks that once Canberra marathon #8 is done and dusted, I might have a break from marathons and focus on shorter distances for a while.

Lucky I have another appointment tomorrow with the osteopath though I'm really not sure she can do miracles. Fingers crossed.....

I trialled the cardio session I will be presenting in class on one of my sons this afternoon - its a circuit style cardio session. It certainly got his heart rate up!!! hehehe!!!!! The session incorporates body weight exercises such as pushups, squats, mountain climbers, butt kickbacks and ab crunches interspersed with shuttle runs (the number increasing with each additional exercise) and star jumps. Lets see what the class thinks on Tuesday evening! I'm now trying to select appropriate music for the session (only 10mins) - the playlist so far looks like this: Counting the Beat (The Swingers)- BPM 154, You spin me round (Dead or Alive)- BPM 140-156, Here it goes again (Ok Go) - BPM 146 and Chelsea Dagger (Fratellis)- BPM 154. I need to choose and its so hard - I can't decide.

BPM = beats per minute, and for a high intensity workout, the BPM should be 140 and higher.
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
- From A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Damn is right. :( ITB pain sucks big time. Its just something that there is no way you can run through it. Have you tried the cho-pat strap yet? It did miracles for me. It let me run short distances while the tendon healed. Building up my abductor muscles was really critical.

iliketoast said...

I think I know what that feels like, fingers crossed.

Jen_runs said...

Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn.

So sorry to hear that CJ. Fingers crossed that it goes well with the osteo

Clairie said...

I feel for you CJ. I am having injury issues like Mark (iliketoast) I can totally sympathise.

Hope some rest and time with the osteopath do some good.

Ewen said...

Shorter distances? Um, does that mean you're aiming to reclaim your ACT 10,000m track title?

Anyway, you can start 6' training in January if you follow my no-long-run plan ;)