Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mission accomplished

Its been a week since Canberra marathon. A week where I have done zilch running (or exercise of any form), eaten lots of chocolate and have been advised to not run for at least a month. Now in the past if I had been told to not run for a period of time there would have been much brow furrowing, mental calculations, and pouting because it meant throwing out all my carefully thought out training plans. This time I just acquiesced, smiled, and totally agreed with my osteopath, who had uttered those words. Because for too long now I have been running with injuries, entering events with injuries and gradually those injuries have been getting worse. Enough is enough. I must pull out my goggles, cap and bathers - time to hit the pool.

Canberra marathon #8 (can you believe it, only 2 to go then Griffin status Strewth!) went better than I thought it would - meaning there was no walking involved. During the marathon there were very good patches when I felt like I could actually run a good time and then there were very bad patches when everything (and I mean everything) hurt. During those times I just concentrated on putting one foot in front of the other and moving forwards! I also focused on trying to catch and pass the person in front of me - that worked as well and it took my mind of the pain. Then there was always Katie's get-ups to look forward to - that girl has one colourful imagination!

Finally the finish line and I finished just behind Tesso - yay! I had to sprint (marathon version of sprint) to the finish line in order to get in under 3hr 40min - that hurt!

So that's Canberra Marathon #8 done and dusted.

It was great to catch up with the Qld crowd afterwards at Rydges - Clairie, Tesso, Katie and Mark. We really should do this more often guys!

Well done to everyone who did Canberra marathon - running 42.2km is an achievement irrespective of time.

(photo courtesy of John Kennedy)

"Having a dream is what keeps you alive. Overcoming the challenges make life worth living.

-"Mary Tyler Moore


speedygeoff said...

Brilliant effort. And, a medal! How good is that.

strewth said...

Woo hoo - you rock! A month's rest from running will make you come back even stronger. Good luck with the swimming!

Ewen said...

5th place and sub-3:40! You did well. Don't forget, 6' wasn't that long ago.

Enjoy following the black line. A bit warmer than running right now.

Scott said...

Nice work CJ - enjoy the break.

Two Fruits said...

I'd be taking the winter off as you run in the frost in winter. Happy swimming. See you out and about in spring. Get those niggles fixed, this is the time to get it all right. Team captain next year.

Jen_runs said...

Taking time off running is the new black ;-)

Congratulations on #8 !

Two Fruits said...

Any change in the colour of the black line yet?

Ewen said...

Are you still alive?

Actually, I know you are - heard you're about to line the pockets of some orthopedic surgeon.