Monday, October 06, 2008

An entree

I finally feel like I am well on my way to full recovery. This morning I ran a 6km interval session and I felt great during and after the run. Lately each run has been really hard work, the pace has been oh so slow, and I've been so relieved to finish - I really wasn't enjoying it. But I persevered because I missed the feeling of freedom when running and I knew it must still be there somewhere. And today I tasted it again - an entree so to speak! Admittedly it was only 6km and the pace would not be considered fast by many people but for me oh boy, it felt so good. Woo hoo!

And fortunately I managed to fit my run in during the morning because then the showers came and it got very soggy and very cool outside.

Then this afternoon I did a lower body and arms weights session. Can't you see my halo sparkling?!

Plus this weekend I also managed to complete and lodge 4 tax returns and complete my Cert 3 Fitness assignment - a maintenance log and schedule for 2 types of pin loaded weight machines, a cardiovascular machine and free weights (now that was exciting - NOT!). And the reason for all of this activity?

We are having a long weekend next weekend in Melbourne - can't wait!


Ewen said...

It lives!

Doing weights makes you an angel?

Is it a shopping weekend, or are you running the half, full, 10k?

iliketoast said...

We are there for the half, see you at Koko Black!

speedyG said...

great news CJ
not just about the showers, about the fact that you are feeling good.

Tesso said...

Did somebody mention Koko Black? I'm there!!!!

IHateToast said...



snigger and tee and hee.

i'm only running to excuse my koko black trip.