Thursday, October 09, 2008

Stop the treadmill, I want to get off!

I have been busy busy busy. Trying to fit in going to the gym for weights sessions and a cardio session, plus slowly building up my running, as well as turning up to work and trying to get through my inbox. Oh and family…yes….remembering to at least sight them once a day for more than a passing glance! It has been very hectic this week. I can't believe one long weekend (last weekend), having half of today and all of tomorrow off, and going to Melbourne would generate this much activity….but it has. I'll be so glad to get on that plane tomorrow (it is Qantas so keep fingers crossed) and just sit there for an hour or so and tune out.

The original plan for going to Melbourne, many months ago now, was to run the marathon. Then this was revised to the half marathon. This was changed to the 10km. Now I'm going to a Gluten-free expo which happens to be on this weekend, at the Exhibition Centre. These days little things like this can get me very excited! So no Ewen, no running for me this weekend.

Thanks SpeedyG for your thought - I am definitely feeling much better now and my running kinda resembles running these days.

iliketoast / Tesso - chocolate, on the whole, is gluten-free. How cool is that!!! (ok there are things I can't eat chocolate-wise but there is still enough for me to occasionally indulge in) And Tesso, you commented previously about Gym Maintenance 101 - or more precisely asked what it was. As part of my Cert 3 Fitness course, we have to look at the equipment in the gym and the types of things that can go wrong, break down, loosen, etc and how to repair them (or at least the basic uncomplicated stuff). Very underwhelming but I'm sure its very useful information. My usual response however when things break down is to delegate!


Tesso said...

Do the broken down things you learn to fix include people :)

See you on the weekend!!!

Ewen said...

So you'll be working on achieving the round Italian mama look that Strewth now has?

IHateToast said...

sorry we missed you. i was behind on blogs and read this after i got back. so you went to melb for gluten-free stuff?

girl, you do not know what melbourne is for. there was an arts festival, a marathon, 983759837 shops and coffee houses. but no, you were at a gluten-free expo with a bunch of people who say "i can't eat that, it has gluten." you are so in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ Don't know if youwill receive this message..but I'll give it a go.Just to say hope things are on the improve for is a hard road..but it proves that not all training is the physical..more the mental!!You are a absolutely wonderful runner a true inspiration,having done Bulls Head on Sunday in 2hr 21min and knowing you have killed it in 1hr58m..AMAZING!! Hang in there..and I know I will see you FLYING again soon.Charlie McCormack

speedygeoff said...

Hi CJ. CMcC is dead right, you are an inspiration, there are two or three of us so impressed with your Bulls Head time, having attempted the run this year and having fallen short of your time, that we are going to do everything we can training-wise to get much closer to it in 2009. And whether we achieve it or not, we are so amazed at what you achieved when you ran that time, that whatever we end up running will not diminish it.
I know you know I know this, I just wanted to say it in public this way!

Ewen said...

Yes CJ, Spody was talking about how great you were on our warm-down run today. He wouldn't shut up! In fact, he wanted to extend the warm-down for 14k around Lake Ginninderra so he could keep on raving about you.