Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not all rice crackers are created equal

This I learned the hard day last night/this morning. Last night while at class (doing the ever-exciting Gym Maintenance 101) I had some rice crackers. The person who was offering assured me they were fine to eat and silly me, I also assumed they would be fine. Not so!

A night of sweats, bloating and headaches and a morning of severe stomach pains and other symptoms - all this from a couple of suspect rice crackers.

Then I received a very apologetic call from one very upset friend. She thought she had packed the gluten-free rice crackers for class but had mistakenly packed the other ones instead - ones containing gluten.

Oh well - live and learn. But I will be more careful next time someone offers me a snack.


Tesso said...

I'm intrigued ... what is Gym Maintenance 101???

Anonymous said...


I'm going to be out your way having a go at the Orroral Valley Classic 20km run. Any tips? Glad you're back on track now - good luck with the training.


Ewen said...

Liza... only one big hill in the first half - second half pretty much all downhill with lots of running through grassy paddocks. Watch out for brown snakes.

CJ... maybe don't pack rice crackers as your snack during 6' next year.

Lulu said...

You've been in the wars since I last caught up with you! Hope the training for 6ft goes well and stay away from friends bearing gift rice crackers!!

I hate mullets too.