Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mullet Monday

This entry is not about running.

After all you really don't want to hear that "I ran 5km, it was hard; or geez I struggled in that 8km I ran on the weekend". Boring.......

At the moment my running is just not that interesting (if it ever was). My goal hasn't changed - I am still aiming for SFT in 2009, though at the moment it feels like I am at the bottom of one of those huuuuge hills wondering how on earth I am going to make it up to the top!!!!

So there won't be too many running entries until things get a bit more interesting than the slow 5km - 8km along the cycle path.

However I did go to the gym Monday lunchtime. Now this is a time of the day that I don't usually go to the gym but I was too tired that morning to get out of bed to do anything that looked remotely more active than eating breakfast, showering etc!! So I made a promise to myself that I would go to the gym at lunchtime. Now this is usually a hollow promise - one where mentally I go "yeah, yeah - until it gets to lunchtime and then there will be a brief to do, someone to ring, a meeting to go to, or more importantly a coffee date". But I kept my promise and found myself in my gym gear in a busy gym at lunchtime.

What struck me first was the number of young guys were there - they must be from the nearby college. The next thing that struck me - I didn't know mullets were back in style! Boys, boys, boys - the mullet style is not stylish, trendy or god forbid, sexy. What on earth has possessed you to adopt this ridiculous style? Apologies to anyone reading who is a fan of mullet hairstyles but for me it conjures up scary memories of Billy Ray Cyrus *shudder* The mullet is up there with those 'orrible little rats tails that some guys have - you know the ones - they have either shaved their heads or its very very short but they persist with either a little fringe or a rats tail or both. *double shudder*.

So there you go. Now you know one of my pet hates!


Tesso said...

Whew! When I read the title of your post I thought you were going to tell us about your 'new do' :)

Ewen said...

There's one thing worse. Mullets on girls. I sometimes wonder how Miley Cyrus would scrub up wearing a mullet.

IHateToast said...

i'm sending you a present in email.