Thursday, February 28, 2008

I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on!

Now that’s a statement guaranteed to get some looks in a busy shopping centre! And this was the comment I got from Katie (one of the speedy geese) as I was on my way back to work after lunch today! There were a few sideways glances our way after this announcement!

But that’s probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me today.

I ran a 12km fartlek session this morning, mentally reciting the names and positions of the skull bones as I was doing this. Then it was a quick revision of anatomical and movement terminology.

No classes tonight but I will be attempting my first legal principles assignment.

Today's fantale tally: 6
Yesterday: no fantales but 5 sherbies
Tuesday: 9 fantales


iliketoast said...

Love sherbies

Tesso said...

Fantales are educational, you are allowed to eat them. Give up the Sherbies tho.

Ewen said...

I recognised you, but I was expecting you to have your clothes on.

Are fantales low-fat or something?

Two Fruits said...

Clothes on reminds me winter is not far away, so is a birthday and so is retirement. Guess where I will hibernate in winter?

Tesso said...


IHateToast said...

is it your bidet? happy bidet! sneaky. thank goodness for tesso. i never recognise her with her clothes on, but i think it is the thigh-high boots she wears.

not a sherbie or a fantale person. i'm a sucker for golden rough.

E-Speed said...

Funny but it is so true, I've been completely caught off guard seeing my running pals in real clothes!

Ewen said...

Happy bidet for Tuesday. Sorry I missed it.

Deniel Hopkins said...

belated Happy birthday dear :)