Monday, February 04, 2008

Dreary day – dreary mood

Rain is good, don’t get me wrong but I do like the blue sunny skies. There is no sign of sunny blue skies today – it’s grey, cloudy, and drizzly. Perfect weather to be home reading a good book (I’m currently reading The Power of One – Bryce Courtney), not sitting in a cold office, in front of a computer.

Running-wise, I ran 20km on Saturday. It was thoroughly enjoyable as it was my easy week and after having run 34km the week before, the 20km seemed like a jog in the park(!). Then it was off for a much-needed massage in the afternoon – pleasure and pain, what can I say?! I finished the day with pizza at Zeffirelli’s with a group of very dear friends.

Sunday warranted a sleep-in, which I had, and then I ran a very gentle 6km before breakfast. In the afternoon I met up with Strewth, Rachelle and Ewen for coffee at Tilley’s. It was a great afternoon – I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This morning it was drizzly as I ran my 11km with 2 x 7min at tempo pace (10km pace). The run back home seemed to take forever as my legs felt slow and heavy. And I’ve felt like that ever since – slow and heavy, foggy headed (Mondayitis symptoms I’m sure).


Luckylegs said...

The way you felt today, CJ is probably how I'm going to feel tomorrow after my long run on Sunday of 32km.

Ewen said...

You were just missing a few carbs. Should have gone the carrot cake with cream and ice-cream like I did :)

can't believe i agreed with ewen said...

you scrimped on carrot cake? what is wrong with you? i hate to say this, but ewen is right. sigh.

lead legs will be gone soon. i have no doubt.

Tesso said...

No dreariness up here. We are lovin' the rain - its putting everyone in great moods!

Tesso said...
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