Friday, February 01, 2008

Back to school

Just in case I thought working full-time and marathon training wasn’t enough, I’ve enrolled in Certificate 3 Fitness at CIT. I’ll be studying part-time, with evening classes twice a week. I’ll go straight from work to class on those nights.

For the first semester I will be doing ‘Risk Analysis, OH&S and Legal Principles’ for 9 weeks, then ‘Provide nutrition advice to clients in accordance with recommended guidelines’ for 9 weeks, on Monday evenings, and (wait, there’s more……..)
and I’ll be doing the following units for 18 weeks on Wednesday evenings:
*Apply basic exercise science to exercise instruction
*Provide advice to clients on the application of basic anatomy and physiology to fitness programs

*Implement strategies for dealing with medical conditions in a sport setting
*Develop and apply an awareness of specific populations to exercise delivery

Whew! I’m looking forward to it – new challenges for a new year. Just remind me of my initial enthusiasm and excitement when its halfway through the semester, my motivation levels have plummeted and I’m asking myself why I’m doing this!

And thanks for the lovely comments on my Ironman experience – I have great memories of the day, and, you know, after reading my account there’s that little niggling thought again……!!!!!!


IHateToast said...

training. schooling. working.

triathlon. this time you're iron brain. we'll keep you motivated.

did you get cutesy folders? little misty focused kitties? or something edgier? ac/dc or kiss? scratch "ewen is a wuss. strewth rocks. yeah!" and "i (heart) corey!!" (hearts for dots) on the back cover?

my favourite part of any class is choosing the spiral.

Ewen said...

Who the hell is Corey?

Yes, do another IM - you need a tatt on the other shoulder to keep you from becoming katy-(I mean lop)sided. Don't forget to pencil in the ACT 10,000 metre Championships as part of your run training.

Jen_runs said...

Hehehe. I knew that niggling thought either was there or would arrive. BTW, you may not remember this but I don't - I distinctly remember you saying (when I had brunch with you & Strewth) when I visited Canberra in (possibly?) early Feb 07 - I can check the date if you like - that you were thinking of training for an IM when you got back from Italy...


Two Fruits said...

All that activity plus 3 marathons in the year. You will be a busy girl. Good luck, we will have to wait until 2009 for you to resurface.

Lulu said...

I hope you have a new pencil case for school!

Sounds like it will be fun and then we can all by trained by CJ :)