Monday, November 12, 2007

A reunion of sorts

This morning I did something that I haven't done for 15 months. And while doing it I realised why I hadn't done this for 15 months. Yep, I got on my bike - literally. The bike was dragged out of the shed yesterday and what a sorry sight it was - covered in dust and cobwebs, and with 2 flat tyres. However once I cleaned it up and pumped up the tyres, it looked much better. Then I had to go searching for my helmet, bike gloves and shoes - also covered in a layer of dust.

The reason for resurrecting my bike was because I need to do something a little more substantial than run/walk sessions that are over before I really get started. I need to get my teeth into something other than chocolate! And it was either cycling or swimming so guess what won out.....for now.

I organised all my gear last night before going to bed so I wouldn't be running around in a flap this morning trying to find things (I'd forgotten how many bits and pieces are required for cycling). I was in the right mind set for a cycle this morning before breakfast.

So why was I lying in bed this morning thinking up all the reasons why I didn't need to get out on my bike? Honestly the time I waste in these fruitless exercises! I did get out on my bike eventually and cycled for about 18km - not far but plenty enough for my first foray. I have to admit I had to focus on clipping and unclipping my shoes, try to remember how the bike computer worked, and changing gears. I think it was all coming together nicely by the time I finished!

So that was my first cycle in 15 months. It won't be that long before my next ride!


Jen_runs said...

Hey, werent you going to think about getting back into tri's again when you got back from Italy?????? I remember you saying something to that effect ;-)

TA and the Gnome said...

I think Jen must want some company :-).

Did the butt survive the bike's return?


Luckylegs said...

Good work, CJ, after 15 months that's amighty effort...can only get easier (on the butt especially!) .

CJ said...

Jen - did I?! Thanks for reminding me ;-)

TA & Luckylegs - thos epainful butt memories came flooding back! And my butt is still recovering from the ride the other day! I have to say that my bike and I have a love/hate relationship!

Ewen said...

So, that would have been 18k in about 30 minutes?

I hear Strewth has a whole suitcase of chocolate going cheap - apparently it's the #1 cause of her stoppage problem. True!

IHateToast said...

i think you should post your inner dialog. i'd be curious about your reasoning. do you interrupt yourself?

Luckylegs said...

CJ, how are you? It's nearly Xmas!