Friday, April 07, 2006

TWO SLEEPS TO GO!!!...and a weather update

Canberra marathon 2005

Day 2 of carbo loading diet

This morning's session - easy run with 6 x strides

Time / weather - 6am / cold, 8*c but with wind chill felt like 4*c
Distance - 6km plus 6 x strides
Time taken - 30.59min
Av pace - 5.09min/km
AHR - 156; MHR - 198

Wore tights, short sleeved top, arm warmers, and long sleeved top along with all my normal running gear. Definitely not used to this chilly weather. Ran along cycle paths through Turner, O'Connor and Lyneham - a nice change from my usual runs around Scullin and Florey. A good run - glute didn't feel too bad, thanks to the stretching session at yoga last night.

When I got home I had a phone call from Mr CJ who was at work asking whether I'd seen a large grey rabbit in the front yard. He had seen the rabbit as he was leaving for work and was worried that cats might get it. Went out front to check and no, there was no large grey rabbit to be seen and goodness knows what I was supposed to do anyway, if there was one there. Hopefully it has bounded off back from where it came or at least found a safe place to hide.

Weather update

From the Canberra Times this morning:

"The Bureau of Metereology is predicting the cold and windy weather to stick around until Sunday when the winds should drop. But less wind means colder temperatures at night and local frosts are expected on Sunday morning.

A deep low pressure system near Tasmania was creating the cold winds. A BOM spokesperson said "It is quite unusual for this time of the season, generally it doesn't get this cold until late April. The temperature is well below the average for this time of year, which is 21*c.....It will get close to zero on Saturday night.'"

Pack your winter woollies!!!

Late edit:
Thanks for all the support - it will be a great day and you will get to hear all about it! I can hear the groans already! :-)

Just calculated that I have clocked up 1,151kms as part of my marathon training!


Friar said...

Nearly there.

After all the training, it should be EASY.

And then the celebrations.

Susan said...

I'm so excited for you CJ! Don't forget your woolies or your iPod.

Robert Song said...

I wish I had winter woolies to pack!!

2P said...

Did you look in the garden - maybe the bunny was delivering your Easter Eggs!

CJ I have really enjoyed following your blog in the lead up to this event and I am really looking forward to reading your race report.

Best of luck mate ;-)

Tesso said...

Hey, maybe that was the Easter Bunny checking out hiding spots for next weekend :-)

Thanks for the weather report CJ. I'm might hijack the plane and get it to go north.

Tesso said...

PS Dang, you gotta be quick with your Easter Bunny jokes!

Rae said...

You're so close!! I hope it warms up a little for you, but not TOO much!!

E-Speed said...

wow, I guess better cold than hot...

you'll do great regardless!

Gronk said...

All the best for Sunday CJ !

KIT said...

Hey CJ!!! See you soon! I am getting very excited and scared at the same time!! the cold has to be better than the hot of last year :-) I have my gloves and long sleeves packed!

2 sleeps... woo hoo!!!

Ewen said...

Good luck CJ. Stay well ahead of Geoff! Don't let the cold weather tempt you to start too fast.

Johnny Dark said...

Just about anything would be better than the weather conditions we endured during last year's race.

See ya soon CJ.


iliketoast said...

Nothing to keep a lid on the excitement like a cold snap. At least the chocolate isn't going to melt.

I hope a large rabbit comes our way next week.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Almost there! Good luck this weekend!! Can't wait to read the race report!

speedygeoff said...

How come you get 14 comments and I only get two? I know - you will run sub 3:25 while I won't. I tip cj for a big pb. Don't forget to wave as you pass the other way or I'll miss you in the pack. Remember in a marathon the cold air is your friend.
Forget the chocolate at the end, have a pizza waiting.
Run well.

Papa Louie said...

Have a great and fun race!

Bennyr said...

Best of luck on Sunday, CJ.


Lulu said...

Wow over 1500km is amazing. The chocolate is packed and I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Good luck:)

Hilda said...

Woow those are so many kms!!

So as the marathon day will be that cold, still you might take advantage of it... or not?

Looking forward for the report, wish it has many many photos!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

Black Knight said...

Tomorrow a positive thought will fly from Italy to support you during the glorious conquest of Canberra!

Rae said...

Good luck again! I bet you're out there running right now as I post this!

Friar said...

Congrats on the huge result in the Marathon by some 13 minutes Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Can you convert your kilometers into miles for us Americans. Thanks