Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Goal Achieved - One Happy CJ!


Hi, this is Strewth! CJ has left town - off to the coast for some R & R. With no internet access she has asked me just to enter her results as there are probably a few interested CRs out there!

Marathon time: 3hours 26mins 35secs - a PB of 14mins!
Average pace per km: 4:50
Place in age group: second

CJ ran a great race and had an absolutely wonderful day in ideal conditions. She met up with lots of CRs before and after the race and had a long chat with Wobblyman at the after party. Lulu greeted her with chocolate at the finish line and Wobbly presented her with chocolate at the after party so she hasn't stopped smiling. We had a fantastic night at dinner later and she is on a great big high.

Woo hoo - one very happy CJ - calves a bit tight but feeling great and very relaxed as she's enjoying coffee by the beach. I am so proud of my awesome friend. CJ is a legend!


Al Carter said...

Congratulations CJ - enjoy your well earned vacation - man what a PB - well done. Can't wait to see some pics.

Lulu said...

CJ is a legend and it was amazing to see you running and looking so strong all the way through. Just fantastic! And second in your age group too; I hope they gave you some race bling!

Enjoy the chocolate and the holiday and see you soon.

Tesso said...

Thanks Strewth. And what a damn great run by you too. Better than great, fantastic!!!

CJ, I just knew you could do. I'm so pleased you had the confidence to go for it. I really enjoyed running nearby for a little while and comparing what song was playing every now and then :-)

You really are a legend - a massive PB and a category podium finish to boot. Not a bad morning's work!

Hilda said...

Hi again Strewth!!

How wonderful PB, it is an incredible mark!!
She is some woman, wow!!

Perfect time to go to the beach and rest, just in time!!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Enjoy your vacation! You definitely earned it!! 3:26 - what a rockin time!!!!! AWESOME!!!

TA and the Gnome said...

I'll never forget you calling out at the 40k mark that you were on for a great PB. Congratulations and it was good to finally meet. Enjoy the break.


Ps Thanks Strewth for the report and nice to meet you too :-).

2P said...

Hear, hear, CJ IS a legend!!!!

Well done CJ enjoy your break - you really worked hard for this and you deserve every bit of that fabtabulous PB.

Well done mate ;-)

Ta Strewth.

Vurt said...

Awesome effort CJ. Congratulations

Friar said...

Huge Congrats on a great Pb and second placed medal.

What an achievement after the last two weeks beforehand.

All the training has paid off.

So, go and have a chocky and a coffee.

Ewen said...

Hi my blog name. You're a good writer - much better than CJ. Keep posting.

CJ, tell me your secret. Not the one about running so fast (that would have been due to giving up chocolate), but the one about smiling the whole way. Incredible.

Susan said...

Way to go CJ!!! Yaya!!!

D said...

WOW WOW WOW - CONGRATULATIONS CJ!!!!! What a speedy lady! I can't believe you managed to take so much time off your previous PB! Thanks Strewth for filling us in!!

edinburghrunner said...

Nice one CJ - that's great stuff!

iliketoast said...

I wish I had more composure the day before the run. I was stressed and full of anxiety, so much so speaking was a real challenge. I heard you announced coming over the line and as I was at the end of the race, enjoyed congratulating you on the awesome effort and result. Yeah you!

go girl said...

A HUGE congratulations CJ! You looked to be doing it easy too.

It's a shame we didn't get to catch up though. Next time I guess.

Well done!

Rae said...

That is so awesome!!!!!

Enjoy your R&R and hurry back with a race report!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Whoohoo! Great job CJ! That is a sweet time, and even sweeter to PR by such a big margin. Congratulations!

E-Speed said...

Congrats CJ. Man it's game on now you crushed my 3:27 PB!

Very glad you had such a good race!

IHateToast said...

14 minutes is an enormous chunk. word association... chunk, block, bar, chocolate....oooh, i see the power! my manmonkey failed to point you out, but as i was there from 2:30 finishers to 4:15 and clapped for everyone, I know I clapped for you... but it's like finding out you were in the same crowded room with steve buscemi and never seeing him. sigh.... i'm blind to the truly great runners.

Luckylegs said...

Fabulous news, CJ!! 14 minutes PB & 2nd in your age category..what more could you hope for? Enjoy your well earned holiday at the beach...lucky you!

Cirque said...

We're all SO proud of you CJ!
You deserve a rest (and lots of chocolate).


Jen_runs said...


Congratulations. I am so happy for you. What a HUGE PB.

CJ's a legend. CJ's a legend.

Black Knight said...

Ohhhhh, congratulations!!!! What a great time and you are a champion: second in your age group.