Friday, April 21, 2006

Another long weekend!

Its a 4 day weekend for me - yay! Back to work on Wednesday.

Its a chilly, windy day - much nicer to be tucked in bed with a good book rather than out running in the cold and wind or going to work. But guess what I did - yep, the latter two!

This morning's run

Time - 6am
Distance - 6.8km
Time taken - 39.05min
Av pace - 5.44min/km
AHR - 144

Ran out towards Lyneham and back amid the swirling leaves. Autumn in Canberra is a lovely time save for the chilly mornings. What spoils it though is knowing that winter is just around the corner. Good run - I'm starting to feel like a runner again which is reassuring.


speedygeoff said...

It's a beautiful time of year to run, once you warm up. I had a run with Aki, John K and Trevor C around Dickson & Watson and down Northbourne Ave late yesterday and the autumn leaves made it just wonderful.

Tesso said...

At least for the next four days you can sleep in and still run.

iliketoast said...

What a great time to go back and run for the love of running. Have fun, kick autumn leaves as you go and beware of big dogs.

Lulu said...

It's lovely up here too! I'm very annoyed that I have an all day meeting with a client on Monday. How rude of them to cancel my long weekend!

Have a good time and eat lots of chocolate.

Hilda said...

Great to hear from you CJ!!

I want them to finish your house soon, so you can blog!!

Nice you are feeling better and running easily early!

Run for Chocolate said...

have a great weekend! It is so cool reading your blog, because we are gearing up for summer here! I love summer runs almost as much as autumn runs!

Luckylegs said...

Same here, CJ, I love this time of year - perfect today, same tomorrow! Have a great 4 day break & enjoy trampling amongst the leaves!

Black Knight said...

I think this is the best time to run, not too cold and not too hot.

Hannah said...

Hello, just catching up on blogs!

H xxx

2P said...

Glad to hear the recovery is coming along so well CJ - I'm envious of your 4 day weekend (as well as your marathon time)