Monday, February 09, 2009

The Plan

Finally, the cool change has arrived. I love Summer but enough is enough. The devastating consequences of the Victorian fires has also been a sobering reminder of the harshness of the Australian environment.

Ok, new week, new plan. Let's see how long this one lasts!

am - well deserved sleep in until 6am! Tick
pm - Gym - upper body weights session Tick


am - 20km run Tick
pm - CIT class Tick

am - 12km fartlek run Tick
pm - RPM class tick

am - 19km run tick
pm - Gym - lower body weights session tick

am - abs circuit including 5km interval session tick

am - long run, 35.13km Tick

am - spectating at triathlon Tick
optional - swim Who was I kidding?!

"Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."
Winston Churchill


Ewen said...

Good plan for a superwoman. No good for me - can't make 20k during the week, and the long run is 16k. Swim like a stone.

Two Fruits said...

Ewen also needs a rope to scale the north face of Mt Rob Roy, mere mortals can almost run all the way. Missed out on the beer , those damm rocks.

Clairie said...

Don't you dare bring on winter early...I love summer and hate getting out of the bed in the dark.

Sounds like you are well and truly in the heavy phase of your 6Ft and Canberra training.

So how far did you go on Wednesday?

Two Fruits said...

Sunday swim, only kidding yourself, hope you missed the swimming and had a nana nap instead. Ewen has the expectations of you winning the beer at SFT.