Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh what a feeling!

Its been a hectic, crazy week (seems to be the norm lately) but the running is coming along nicely *touch wood*.

Total for the week: 93.2km

Today (Sunday): vets run at North Curtin

I went forward a group from last month so started in Group 32 this morning, though I nearly messed up and left in group 31 - ooops. Fortunately I realised at the last minute, after racing across to check the board - yep, definitely group 32. A couple of speedy women are in my start group but that wasn't my concern this morning. My goal was to work hard up the hill and then ease off for the downhill and flat section - I didn't want to finish too high up in the results. However I also had to make sure two fruits didn't pass me - not that I'm competitive, I just don't like being passed!

The run went to plan - I also managed to pass strewth in the last 50m (apologies strewth!) but I did finish in 28th spot so I will move back a group again next month. After hanging around for announcements, strewth and I headed off for a well earned coffee and GF toast (for me) and date and walnut loaf (for strewth).

Yesterday (Saturday): long run, Mt Majura - 33km

5am comes around way too quickly for my liking. It seems I just get to bed and then that damn alarm goes off. Met up with the others behind the War Memorial at 6.30am before setting off on our run. Just before I started I met Roy coming the other way who said that strewth had had a fall. Not a good start. I headed off to catch up with the others - Carol, two fruits and softshoeshuffle (try saying that in a hurry) - fortunately I saw softshoeshuffle out of the corner of my eye or I would have headed up Mt Ainslie rather than out to Campbell Park!

Met up with strewth and Roy at some point - apart from some skin off her knee and elbow and a few bruises, she wasn't looking too bad, thank goodness. I think from memory the pace picked up not long after this. There was also a path that went up the side of Mt Majura - technical, rocky and it frustrated the hell out of me. The downhill run was great - even though it was on the road. For a lot of the run though I felt like an accident waiting to happen - so many close calls and one time when I did go over on my ankle but managed to right myself without causing too much damage.

*singing along to Sawdust Man - Ben Kweller, as I'm writing this - a great song and my favourite for the week*

In summary, a good run with some quicker running which required me to tough it out to keep up with two fruits (see twofruits blog for the technical details of the run).
Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever. That surrender, even the smallest act of giving up, stays with me. So when I feel like quitting, I ask myself which would I rather live with?
- Lance Armstrong


Two Fruits said...

There you go again, blaming me for the big improvement in your running. You are doing it all yourself, bugger you for being so fast both days. I needed an afternoon nap both days. Good girl.

Ewen said...

I told Strewth CJs don't count unless there are photos. Are you saving yours for 6'?

Two Fruits said...

Lance Armstrong said " Pain is temporary etc " So where was Lance at the Cotter a couple of weeks ago when you felt like quitting. Maybe this week he will be there again to help you through the water at Vanities Crossing. Good wise man Lance, listen to him, and remember what he achieved by not quitting. How many times a winner, plenty. Others could take notice.

IHateToast said...

i'm upset with you. 1) you had toast. i feel betrayed. 2) i have "what a feeling, i am music now" in my head, but i'm thinking "i am cj now" and it won't leave!

you are a baaaaaad woman. i falleth not for thine charms, oh you wicket wench of the wun.