Thursday, July 03, 2008

Minus one degree but who’s counting

Went for a run this morning resembling the Michelin woman, I had that many layers on. It was cold, clear and frosty and a very chilly minus one degree. My face was frozen into a Joker-like grimace. The only thing that kept me going was the thought that tomorrow I’ll be on the Gold Coast, tomorrow I’ll be on the Gold Coast…..

I had a quick look at the weather forecast for the Gold Coast, for the weekend, and they are forecasting showers and a maximum of 21 degrees (the minimum temperatures are our maximums!) Looking out the window just now it looks like a lovely day – blue skies, no wind……until you actually go outside and the cold air hits you.

Good luck to those who are running anywhere on the weekend. The next time you’ll hear from me will be after the marathon…..some time…..


strewth said...

Woo hoo - see you at the airport Pink Lady - sunshine - Gold Coast here we come!

Anonymous said...

were you like the stay-puft marshmallow man terrorizing nyc in ghostbusters?

Tesso said...

Why does it always rain on us in marathons? Maybe we lied when we were 17.

See you soon!!!!!

Ewen said...

Some time is going to be before Trailwalker?