Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Cold Coast

Just a quick note as I'm about to head home but thought I should post something about the Cold Coast marathon (and no, its no typo!). The weather was abysmal and I even purchased a thermal top at the Expo, as well as a snazzy pair of "skins-type" running knicks, black and pink short sleeved and long sleeved tops...... Then at Harbourtown I bought the cutest pink running top with 'Chocolate without the Guilt' on the front (hmmmm).

Met up with Roger, Ewen and LL for dinner on Friday evening at Tooleys - had a really delicious risotto. Then we went back to LL's amazing apartment - one very swish, stylish apartment.

We had lunch and coffees with Katy and Ewen on Saturday - when the weather was at its worst (rain, wind, and cold). It was great to catch up with Katy (soon to be an aussie - oi, oi, oi!) but never managed to catch up with Mark - a cryin' shame.

What's that? The marathon? You want to hear about the marathon? You don't really but if you insist - it was very ordinary but then my running has been very ordinary lately (like the last 8 months). However there is a very good (medical) reason for the decline, and hopefully things may pick up shortly.

I had a revelation while chasing the green balloons (the 3.30hr pacer) - a) I wasn't going to catch him, b) for the past few months I haven't been enjoying my running because I've been too focused on trying to run PBs and getting nowhere fast and running was becoming a chore, and c) this was going to change as of now (probably about the 10km mark of the marathon!). So I settled into some sort of rhythm and just enjoyed the journey rather than beating myself up for not meeting a particular 'time'.

And that's how I'm going to run from now on - no PBs in time, no beating myself up for not meeting some arbitrary time, and enjoying the journey. If I do run a good time then that will be a bonus - but its not the sole focus of my running.

Next event - Bush Capital 25km. Bring it on!!!!


Jen_runs said...

Good idea CJ. I think it's so easy to get caught up in that 'always faster' mentality. Good on you for enjoying the journey - v. few people actually seem to!

R & I will be in Canberra for the Bush Capital. I'm doing the 10k - free for coffee & cake on Saturday afternoon ?

Ewen said...

It was warm on the Thursday before the race!

I wish I could claim 3:40 as a dud time. Your new 'tude will pay off. There will be fast times (and fun times). See you at BC in the new Qld cold-weather running gear.

Two Fruits said...

What has happened to Trailwalker? There is certainly no time to chase there. Get healthy and just get out there when it warms up and enjoy the great outdoors.

Anonymous said...

way to go! find the love.

i knew when you landed because i felt the heat return to queensland. i don't know what you did in a previous life, but i suspect you kicked a puppy in queensland. the curse is on.