Monday, July 03, 2006

My ‘get up & go’ has got up & gone…

I ran my hardest ever half marathon on Saturday – the Googong off-road half marathon, organised by the Cross Country run. We were lucky with the weather – it looked like it might be a miserable day but it improved, and for a while there was even blue sky. I missed the start because I was talking to Peter and then realised that everyone had taken off. I followed quickly though in hindsight I needn’t have worried – it was never going to be a fast run. I kept to a steady pace up and down the hills – it seemed like we were either going up a hill or down a hill, though I’m sure there were some relatively flattish parts to the course, I just can’t remember them!

Course description and profile - check it out!

Distance: 21.1km
Time: 1hr 53.05min (according to my watch)
Av pace: 5.17min/km
AHR: 171; MHR: 187

I was gradually passing other runners and tried to keep Kerri B in sight – which I did until near the end where she took off and I didn’t see her until after I had finished! And I’m not ashamed to say there were times when I walked parts of hills because it was a lot faster than running. Also I am not a great downhill runner and there were some very steep downhill stretches where the ground was very unstable. Though the three or four times I nearly came a cropper happened on the relatively flat bits.

I finished strongly and I was pleased with my run on such a challenging course. Next event is the Bush Capital 25km at the end of July – this course has definitely prepared me for that.

Since the half marathon I have felt really really tired. Sunday was a rest day though I wouldn’t have managed any training with the way I was feeling anyway. This morning I did a legs and shoulders weights session at the gym and I was planning on going to the run session at parliament House after work. However, I still feel really tired (my get up & go has got up & gone) and so I’ve decided to give this session a miss this week.

I’m also sporting a bit of a bump and bruise on my forehead from a little accident I had with a kitchen cupboard last night. I bent down to open it and it swung out more quickly than I had anticipated and I have the imprint of the corner of the door on my forehead! Ouch!

Well done to everyone who competed at the Gold Coast. I know Tesso did really well – yay!!!!!!

"Aim not for what you are, but for what you could be." - Lucas Hellmer


Tuggeranong Don said...

CJ, what a great run in the Googong Half. I didn't run it but have talked to a number who did and all have said what a tough one it is. A 1.53 is a great effort, and even more so since you walked a little here and there. Woohoo!!

Hilary said...

Ouchie I hope you dont have too big of a bruise on your forehead!

Well done on that run - sounds like a fabulous job to me! I cant run downhill - it gives me shinsplints. Rest up after that big effort, your body is probably needing some relaxation time.

Hilary xx

Aki said...

I don't know how you did so well CJ - of course it's all that gym work and training paying off! I watched you power up the early hills and knew I wouldn't see you until a very long time after the race. Congrats heaps on a sheer awesome effort!

D said...

To say that course looks challenging would be the understatement of the Nice job on a tough course CJ!

Tesso said...

Congrats on a great run CJ. Wow, it makes the GC Half course sound like a walk in the park.

I noticed on Speedygeoff's blog entry that you were 5th lady - woohoo!!!