Friday, August 08, 2008

Temporary break in transmission

CJ would like to apologise for the temporary break in transmission - normal programming will resume as soon as possible.

I am currently laid low with pneumonia and have recently been diagnosed with Silly Yaks disease. This has put a real dampener on things - no breakfast with Strewth and Mr B yesterday, no going out to dinner tonight with friends, and no Sydney this weekend.......*sob*

Good luck (and more importantly have fun) to everyone doing the City to Surf this weekend - I am very jealous. I will be thinking of you.


IHateToast said...

got the phlegmflam?

spending the day spewin and not hangin' with ewen?

Jen_runs said...

OMG! You don't do things by half, do you?

Rest up & my fingers are crossed for a speedy recovery.


Ewen said...

Glad you weren't hangin' with me! I don't want to catch that nasty sounding disease.

Do they call it that because silly yaks are always doin' CJs - ending with bloodied knees?

Two Fruits said...

Let's hope it is only a temporary break, don't want to waste another beaut summer being "out of action".
Get better asap. Miss your company.

Tesso said...

Holy crap CJ! Hope you are feeling better by now. Its that stupid Canberra weather, you should relocate to somewhere warmer. We do have coffee and chocolate up here :)

Robert Song said...

Don't listen to Tesso. I got pneumonia up here three years ago. I know I felt terrible with it but once on the right medication I recovered quickly. In fact much quicker then the current cold / cough I have had for the last two weeks.

Speedy recovery.

I hope silly yaks is not an asian version of mad cow???

iliketoast said...

This would have to be the best month to schedule a rest. Warm fires, hot chocolate and practice your carbo loading. It is the new training method.