Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mission accomplished and Go Charlie Go!!!!!!!

I know this entry is a little late but since the marathon I’ve been flat out trying to finish an assignment, and submit it, and work to a deadline on a presentation at work

As you may, or may not be aware, the lead up to Canberra marathon was plagued by injury, illness and infection. Not to mention, the odd binge or two on chocolate due to the all of the problems I was experiencing (I had to get my endorphins somehow and I certainly wasn’t getting them from running).

Anyhoo marathon day dawned black, wet and there was lightning – hardly an auspicious start.

Actually you’ve read everyone else’s reports and seen the photos so let me just say that I ran the marathon comfortably, 10mins slower than last year and the injury held out (tho there were a couple of times I was pretty worried). My official time: 3hr 37.41min, 7th woman in my age group, and 395th of 1,041 competitors.

The best thing about the day though was that Charlie ran a huuuuge PB by about 11 mins and we managed to run together or close to each other for pretty much most of it. So a big well done to Charlie – you did well!!!!

So now it’s on to training for Gold Coast marathon. I do have a goal time in mind but will keep it quiet for now, won’t we Tesso!!!!!

And I’m planning on doing the Canberra Half Ironman triathlon in December this year (I must be stark raving mad) so I’m going to gradually add in swimming and cycling sessions. At least I’ve given myself plenty of time.

ps A big thankyou to that amazing cheersquad duo - Katy and Mark. Anyone that can make me laugh when everything is hurting has to be doing a great job! Thanks guys!


2P said...

Nice work CJ - inspirational as ever ;-)

Ewen said...

About bloody time! You're good CJ. Wish I could run 3:37 and call it comfortable.

Yes, stark raving mad to ride a bike and swim through a Canberra winter!

strewth said...

No Ewen, she's not crazy. She's just CJ - she who can do anything she sets her mind to and do it well. Go CJ go!!

Jen_runs said...

Awesome effort CJ. Was wonderful to see you out there. So does that mean I'll be seeing you in Port Mac for IMOZ next year?

IHateToast said...

you are stark raving mad, but i thought it was for other reasons. just take care of those knees. you are using up your scab-making cells.

always fun to get together. see you in july!

Tesso said...

Oh no ... is our Gold Coast goal a secret??? I'd better cancel that press release and Sports Tonight interview.

You did so well in Canberra considering the lead in. Actually you did so well anyway. Something in the 3:30s is a time that many many people would kill for. Should be proud :-)

(triathlon ... crazy woman!)

iliketoast said...

not hard to guess .... good luck

Charlie said...

I find the amazing things about marathons are the inspirational people you "Meet" along the way..last year Pam Musteed lifted me in the last 6 kms..this year you kept me more than focused in the mid section..not that we had to say much..but it's just there.You are an inspiration and you were mine this year.Thank you for helping me accomplish my PB.Charlie

speedygeoff said...

CJ you ARE an inspiration.