Saturday, June 30, 2007

Nun (and monk)-spotting

Wednesday 27/6/07
Total: 8.8k
Week Total: 23k
Month Total: k
Year Total: 1277.9k

Time: 46.40min
Av pace: 5.18min/km
Av Temp: sunny, partly cloudy, coolish breeze
Rel. Humidity Av: dry
Where: Camucia, near Cortona, Tuscany

This was another run through the Tuscan countryside, alongside fields of sunflowers, corn, and fenced yards containing snappy, snarling dogs. To get to the quiet country roads does mean running along busier ones, with tractors (with drivers that almost fall out the window having a good old look), little apes (3-wheeled cars), rattly old fiats that look like they should've died years ago, to sleek alfas that fly past. Oh and the occasional older person riding an ancient old pushbike or scooter, going so slowly you worry they might fall off.

Another town, another market day - this time it was Castiglione del Lago, on the shores of Lake Trasimeno, in Umbria. Taste tested salamis, crostini and cantucci (biscuits). Had a Cappuccino cream (a cold icecreamy type of drink) and a delicious apple from the produce part of the markets.

The market yesterday was in Camucia (where we are based). Mr CJ and I firstly fuelled up on a cappuccino at a local bar, for the grand sum of 2euro for 2 coffees (that is a bargain especially as we sat outside) and then we hit the market circuit. There were stalls in several streets - clothes, shoes (my favourite and where I bought an absolutely gorgeous pair of leather heels - to die for), household items, bags, artifical flowers, fruit and veg, plants, chooks, meats, etc. We bought porchetta panini for lunch for 2euro each - these are really tasty and delicious.

We visited Assisi in the afternoon, hence the title of the blog entry! This is definitely the place to go for nun and monk-spotting. I got a classic photo of a nun in full garb on the mobile phone. Another of a monk returning from shopping. Beautiful churches. Tasty pastries. Average coffee. Tacky, kitschy souvenirs of monks and nuns on motorbikes, playing poker, singing at the piano, etc, etc.

Friday 29/6/07
Total: 13.1k
Week Total: 36.1k
Month Total: k
Year Total: 1291k

Time: 1hr 16.52min
Av pace: 5.51min/km
Av Temp: sunny, blue skies, warm to very warm
Rel. Humidity Av: dry
Where: the road to Cortona, then to Bramasole

This morning we ran up the road to Cortona - this is about a 4km climb up the hill, with some steepish parts. After slightly over-indulging in wine last night I wasn't sure how I'd go today but I needn't have worried, I ran fine! Once up at the top, at Cortona, we ran through the gardens to another road that took us to a house we are convinced is Bramasole. Strewth, Mr CJ and MR B asked for directions at a local art store and these were the directions they were given. We did do a slight detour which took us down a lovely little road that went down, down, down but it was so shady and green I couldn't resist going down! Of course it meant that we had to run back up the road - it was tough but I managed it! So this was a long run today (interspersed with hills and intervals).

Its our last night here so we are going back up to Cortona to La Grotta trattoria tonight for dinner. Actually it will be our 3rd time there but the prices are reasonable, the service is great and the food is lovely. Tomorrow we drive to San Gimignano, still in Tuscany, where we also stay a week. The plan is to do day trips to Florence and Siena.


Lulu said...

It all sounds so wonderful. I really loved San Gimignano, all those fantastic towers. Have fun in Florence and give my regards to 'David'

Two Fruits said...

Don't over do the eating with all that great Italian food, plenty of carbos in the pasta. Good to hear about the running, and the rest of the holiday.

TA and the Gnome said...

Still sounds absolutely fabulous.

BTW do you ever see Italians out running?


iliketoast said...

I want to be there, after reading this. Thanks for sharing.

Tuggeranong Don said...

"Average coffee" hey CJ. Trip's obviously been a failure and expect you will be coming home soon! :)

Black Knight said...

Now you are near the Black Knight's kingdom. The italian legion is waiting for the aussie legion to celebrate the event. Welcome!

Ewen said...

Ummm, can you stop dropping all those Italiano names!

Another 4km hill but you didn't mention 6' training? Don't run too fast for the black knight.

I hope the Rel Humidity Av stays dry.

IHateToast said...

This was another run through the Tuscan countryside.

green. eyed. monster. trying. to. come out. must. re. sist.


YOU COW! (i'll let iliketoast be the better person. i'll be the bitter person.)